Just a little key-

Bold= Gaara

Italic- Shukaku

Normal= Suzume

* * *

Suzume's POV

   Allowing all my air to empty out of the container, I stood in front of Gaara, who was leaning against a tree stump, trying to recover. Temari was still trembling in fear, Sakura was still stuck, and Hikari was with Pakkun, protecting Sasuke.

   I'll take care of him, Gaara.

   Fine, but I'm dealing the final blow.


   My wind started to cover my feet, making its way up to my knees, then up my torso. This jutsu's like Gaara's sand armor, but there's a catch.

   When the air covered my feet, a pair of feet made of wind appeared beside me. Once the wind completely covered me from my shoulders down, the wind clone seemed more like a human. I built up my chakra, and as soon as my air reached the top of my head, I was ready to make my move.

   Calm yourself, kid! I feel your heartbeat getting faster! Don't screw up.

   Thanks for the confidence booster. I appreciate it.

   Naruto charged at me with the shadow clones, only to find out that my clone dissolved, making a shield around me. With a sweep of my arm, an air blade was sent out of the air bubble, destroying the 10 or so shadow clones he had. The real Naruto was sent back a few feet. Less than a second later, my shield concentrated itself again, forming the clone.

   I smirked, feeling rage bubble up from inside me. "It's my turn, now!" Making a new hand sign, I detached the clone's left arm. I knew I could use the air that formed the arm to attack, while having enough wind left over in case I need it for defensive purposes.

   Thrusting out my real left arm,  the air clone's arm was sent to Naruto, shoving him into a tree.

   I told you not to finish him off!

   To my surprise, what I thought was the real Naruto vanished in a puff of smoke. A clone!


   Behind you!

   Whipping around, I saw Naruto, with around 30 shadow clones.

   He pointed at me. "You fell for it! Believe it!"

   Then everything went black.

* * *

   I blinked open my eyes, but saw nothing but complete darkness. Gaara was nowhere to be found.

   Where am I?

   I did this to protect you.

   He is using me to protect both himself and you. This is what I was talking about. While in this state, the two of you shall act as one. You're real body as well as your brother's are deep within.

   Within where?

   You sure ask a lot of questions.

   Suddenly, the darkness faded, brining back my vision. We were in the same forest, but much higher up. Looking down, I didn't see myself, but tan skin with familiar blue markings. Shukaku!

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