Mean Girl (SFW)

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Everything was perfect.

You were the most popular person in school and you were dating the buff jock in the soccer team that everyone wants.

Nothing was wrong in your first month of dating, so you were wondering why he suddenly became distant with you.

He also became mean to you and started seeing you less.

You thought he was just going through something until you heard a rumour of him pinning someone to the wall.

Everybody thought it was you but you don't recall him pinning you to anything.

"What's this rumour I've been hearing about you pinning someone huh?!" You yelled at your boyfriend in the empty soccer field.

"I wanna break up." He said calmly, not looking at you.

"Why, huh?! You have another?! Who did you pin to the wall?! Did you kiss them?!" You shouted all those questions at him.

"Yes I did! I kissed them okay! I love them.. They're so sweet and kind, and there aren't people who are always gawking over them!" He shouted at you.

"(his name).." An unfamiliar voice spoke quietly.

You turned around to see a person. You've never seen them before because they look like every other student in the school.

You turned to see your boyfriend looking at that person so lovingly but it was put to an end when he glared at you.

"We're over." He said coldly, walking past you to hold that person's hand.

Apparently, you were the "mean girl" in that person's story.

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