Fours pov

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God Tris looked beautiful. I still don't see how she doesn't know it. Her mom seems sweet, but I don't think Caleb or her dad likes me. This party is awesome me and Tris are having tons of fun. Her brother just keeps staring at us. "So do you like the party Tris"? I have to practically scream over the music. "Yeah but Susan, Robert, and Caleb seem out of place" she says. "They'll get used to it since they have to be here for a year" I tell her. "Oh yeah how do you feel about that"? "I'm honestly not sure, I mean your mom seems nice, but your brother and dad look like they'll kill me any chance they get" I answer. "How do you fell about it Tris"? "I honestly don't know, I mean I'm excited to see my family again, but I'm not the same girl I was when I left, I'm not scared to voice my thoughts, and I'm a lot braver and stronger" she says. "You forgot more beautiful". She looks up at me and blushes. "It all just seems surreal, like right when I'm starting to fit in here they show up, and especially with that comment Max made it just seems like it could end up bad" she says "I don't want them to hate you" she says the last part in a whisper. "Hey look at me" I say, and when she didn't I lift her chin up "We'll get through this were four and six, if they hate me so be it, all that matters is that I love you, who cares if they don't like the new you because this is the true you" I tell her "Okay" I say. "Okay" she says. I lean down and kiss her. Of course the moment has to be broken up by Uriah yelling "Break it up Lovebirds we're going to play Candor or Dauntless"


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