Back to school

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First day back to school today . I'm now in my first year of high school . I'm looking forward to it , new people , new friends I'm really looking forward to it . I walked in the door and I see all new faces , this means a start of new friendships. I went to the office to get my schedule and my locker number . they lost mine so it didn't get to me. I walked to the office and saw this cute boy , they probably did the same thing to him. the people int he office were busy so I had to wait for like 20 mins . good thing I came an hour early .
"Hi , I'm Aria " I said trying to sound nice .                                                   "That's nice" they guy said , he was in a bad mood , you can tell right away.
"Umm what's your name ? " I asked .
" Why do you care " the guy said.
I just kept quiet . this lady gave me a paper with my schedule and my locker number and combination. my locker was 1324 . great , my locker is next to that guys. I walked to my locker . my combination is 36-24-20 so i tried it . I opened my locker , and put my stuff in there . First period I have history , I got some stuff out for history and left. history class was room 125 so I walked there . I was the last one in the class ,I opened the door and everyone looked at me.
"Ms. what's you name ,???" The teacher asked .
"Umm Aria " I said turning red . I don't like having everyone's attention directed at me .
"Well Ms. Aria what took you so long " the teacher said .
"I got caught up at my locker " I said .
"Ok take a seat next to mr. Dolan " the teacher said .
"By the way I'm Mr. Johnson" the teacher said .
Oh great I have to sit next to that guy , the one from the office .
I sat down next to him .
"Hi I'm Ethan whats your name " the guy said .
"You know my name , I told you what it was in the office " I said.
"I never went to the office " he said.
"Lies " I said .
Just in that moment a guy barged in .
"Sorry I'm late" that guy said .
"Go sit by your brother and Aria " the teacher said .
"You didn't let me finish that was my twin brother Grayson " Ethan said .
"Oh sorry , I feel bad now" I said .
History was over and I had algebra next , I walked to my locker and saw one of the twins .
"Hi " I said .
He ignored me . ok this must be the douche .

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