friends reunited?? well at least I know the alpha?? ch.4

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"WHAT..." my voice sounded fragile as if someone had jumped on my voice box. "If I win you have to become my mate, I know you feel it to you can't hide it from me." His lack of knowledge on me gave me a head start on him but his dad, not so much. "She heard what you said son. She knows aswell she just isn't as excited about it as any other mate's where. She was always like that even with that silly little doll of her's." At the mention of clair my favorite teddy since I was a cub I winced. His father continued looking straight at me "if you do the deal, I'll get your dad to give you back that stupid bike of your's." NO, he did not just use blackmail on me! "Fine, I'll do it but only because I need that bike to get to school tomorrow, but it's still blackmail." He and his son smirked, god I offically hated that smirk. "Right, we shall hold the fight when the meeting starts." OH SHIT, the meeting there ment to be there like 10 minuits ago. "Erm, Blake the meeting started 10 minuits ago, I think were late." He looked at his watch and called "all right troops were a little late, so all the mates stay in the house everyone else to the meeting next door." And with that everyone headed towards the meeting.











I laught when I saw her. She was right her coat colour changes with her mood;it was a light green. Her dad told me it ment happy\/excited,but when he saw my face he told me that it was because she got her bike back and that she loved fighting. As we took are stance and the rules were read, I couldn't help but think if I won this shes mine. All of a sudden she was on top of me, she had a glint in her eye a happy go lucky glint I hadn't seen since she got here. when she was playing with her dog, and when the cubs were apologizing. She rolled off me the ref shouted the round to her. Get your head in the game. At the end of the match it had turned out that the scores were 3 rounds to the storm pack and 5 rounds to the red pack. I'd won she was offically mine and mine only. I looked around the packs to see happy faces on everyone in each pack, I looked around again to see her running away with two others from the other pack a boy and a girl. She turned to look at me with a playful smile on her face, she stopped and looked at me smileing. She sent me a silent message "me and Jenna and her mate Luke are going to jump the meeting, were going for a run i'm bringing KILLER before one of the cubs pull his tail off" it was then I noticed her dog standing proud next to her. He barked playfully at me she looked and sent "you can come if you want i'm just taking him for a quick run for 10 miniuts, the meeting will have finished and everyone have had gone home by then. You can stay at my house my dad can't say no" all thing were running through my head "I can read you thought's nothing like that is going to happen I just want to get to know my mate without having to read his dirty little thoughts" she giggled. OH SHIT, i'd hadn't just fallen for her i'd fallen hard. I nodded and thought "I'm not doing anything that I won't rather spend with you why not." She smiled at this "AH, yes, but your not just with me." I frowned what did she mean "I have to bring Killer with me." Oh now I got it. I nodded again "don't worry he sleeps in the kennel in the back mum doesn't like him in the house, so you don't have to worry about dog drowl in the morning, unless it's a monday dad know's not to come up if he doesn't want a pillow in his eye for it." I look at her and turn to say something to dad before I could he say's 

"Are you going to go with her or what? I'll get your mum to make you an over night bag." how did he know I was staying. Oh I got it she sent him a message. "Don't worry you've got the house to your selves me and her mother are visiting her granma in new york for a week so you are going to have to stay with her there till we get back, It's ether you or tyler and I know she will pick you because she fallen for you, hard. But I swear lay a finger on her when she tells you no your dead meat pup." Her dad was right behind me I just stood there steering in shock until someone litrally pulled me away. I knew it was her because of the electric current running through my arm. Jenna I think her name was turned and said were going to walk spark to the river and back to the car we need to get home before dark." Rosalinda nodded and let go of my arm only till my joy she grabbed my hand she said to Jenna smiling "J. bear you don't need to worry i've got mister. blackmail man here to walk me back aswell as KILLER." Jenna laughed "yer, no ones going to get past that BIG, STRONG, LAZY MUTT are they." We each paired off. We walked until they were out of sight then she stopped knealed down making me and KILLER look at her. She let go of my hand and tapped her knee's, KILLER instantly ran off into the tree's. I looked after him a few miniuts later he returned, he came and sat in front of Rosa. I looked at her bafled she just smiled at me and petted KILLER. "Where did he learn to do that?" I asked her shocked "I teach him stuff like that, that's why dad hates him he only does what I tell him to do. That's what dad doesn't get I don't teach him with words just hand signals," She looks up at me nervouse" You probably think i'm an imbirsal for it." I shook my head and pulled her up off the ground "I think your an amazing, beautiful woman, who is mine and mine only for life. Well except for KILLER I can share you with him." She laughs at my comment and we walk back to the house were it was deserted as promised. She walked around all the rooms uncerten on were everything was she found a long chain, the look in her eye's start to make me worry. I look up from the chain to see her laughing "it's not for you moron, I told you KILLER sleeps in the garden but we keep him on a chain so he doesn't brake in or out." she laughs at my face. She chains KILLER to the kennal in the garden. I hid behind the kitchen cabinet. After I her the door open and close I heard footsteps coming closer I jump out only to land on my face. She laughts "I also told you I had heat vision, moron." She walked out the room, I heard the shower going upstairs as I made my way up there, "There's a shower in the green room and your bags outside of the green door." I looked to see my thing on the floor. I grabbed them and went into the spray of warm water. After the water ran cold, I got out and walked over to the sink got dressed brushed my canines and walked up to were I could hear Rosa. She was in a room that was purple and she was painting black thunder bolts on the walls, " where are we?" I asked awed by her work. "You my fellow blackmail mate, are in MISS. ROSALINDA THUNDER RAVENCROTH'S LARE" I looked and saw the thunder was painted and in silver was the name she just said. "I do this in every house that is empty I just paint on there walls, that's why your dad had to bail me on breaking and entry and vandalism just before we moved here, he's a good guy Blake he just need's to learn i'm nicer when i'm not blackmailed by his son." "your not going to let that go are you?" she looked at me when I said this and shook her head. "I hold grudges, get use to it, because you really need to impress me tonight or there is no way i'm excepting you as my mate." And with that she dropped the paint brush and walked into the bathroom locking the door behind her.


sorry it took so long guys I didn''t know when to stop it and I had writers block for like 2 days not good but I tried my best well thank you and goodnight cos im goin to bed and it's only 16:57 lots of reading fun


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