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friends reunited?? well at least I know the alpha?? ch.4

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hey guys gunna see if I can get to a third or 4th page but no promises. this chapter is about sam and rosa's POV (seporite of corse)but i now this anoying but im no longer using I only lower case except for name's. The only reason why KILLER'S name is in capitals was for sarcasm because he's a big softy even for a werewolf's daughter's dog. something important will happen during the story. that may give a twist to it I have an idea were this story is going just not were it is going to end so you never now maybe a sequel we all love sequels heads up the part starts with Sams convosation with Rosalinda's dad (Bruce). 



I walked back into the house laughing at what Rosalinda said to Taylor "no go there buddy" I laughed allowed. That's the first time I've laughed in a long while; I thought to myself. My mate, mine I never thought I'd see the day when I would find my mate. It's not that I don't want to find my mate I just never thought it would be so soon after my 18th birthday. I changed into wolf form when I was 16 like everyone of are kind, but that was normal what I couldn't get was that i'm the first out of 21 in the pack my age to find his mate it's kind of... amazing. Knowing that i'm going to be the new alpha and have my mate for all my imortality. I was brought out of thought when I saw dad come into the kitchen he wasn't alone. Another alpha was standing right next to him I could smell it, but instead of him growling at me he smiled he looked at dad and said "WOW, that's him I haven't seen him since he was a pup!" he observed me. It was starting to make me edgey (I know it's not how you spell it). The other alpha looked at me and says "You probably don't remember me but me and your dad were best buddies since we were pup's, my name's bruce. We moved when clare (rosalinda's mom) fell pregnant. You were about 2-3 months." My dad turned to bruce he said "Yes you had a daughter didn't you? I saw here out front with one of you wolves, she almost bite his hand off when he tapped her," He laughed "I see she got her aggressive behaviour from your mate, and her alpha pride from you." Bruce turned to look at my dad he replied "Yer, Rosalinda thunder ravencroth get's her pride from me but she's only aggressive to the mateless male's in the pack. I don't seem to get it she would rather hang out on her harley what ever you call it bike, with her Mutt KILLER, if I could kill anyone it would be that dog." He gave my dad a knowing look. They turned to me. "You my boy are going to answer the door to Rosalinda when she come's to collect us for the meeting, I only insist that it is you because her farther has told her you will answer the door, so she cannot hurt herself of anyone if they try something on her. As I know she shall not stand from it. Do you hear me that is an order, now go get cleaned up were meeting in half an hour!" and with that farther turned and left with Bruce. I turned to walk out the door when I hear Rosalinda's farther mumble "He better learn to play Rosalinda's game, And hide his blush when we mention her name, because she is going to make it hard for him to be her mate." SHIT they knew she was my mate with that I ran up stairs to get scrubed up and ready for her main arrival.


hay guys yer i'm going to go to recently were her dad tells her to go get the other pack and he tells her sam is going to answer the door but with a twist to it teheh im loving this story so much its 20:45 i'vebeen writing 20 miniuts and my brother has turned to internet off so let me go kill him and finish the story so i can upload it. 



"urrg!" I can' believe it my dad and his sick jokes making me go get the pack pain's why couldn't Jenna, or Holly do it? they wouldn't give it a second thought unlike me. I sighed and knocked on the door only to be bambarded by two pups. They look up at me scared the smaller one had bright green eyes like a cat he murmured "sorry, miss. Don't tell your alpha please! we didn't mean to get the door." She laughed and picked the young wolf up he squiled and laughed when she tickled him "I won't tell my alpha if you don't tell yours, how about it we got a wolves promise? So what are your names then comrads?" the boy replied "My names jimmy but you can call me jimbo, and he's bengirmon but call him ben. Thank you for not telling miss." He smiled up at me and for some reason I felt tears come to my eye's as I tried to remember, What it use to be like that young being inersent. "Don't call me miss, my names Rosalinda thunder Ravencroth of storm pack, but you can call me rasa, My little brother use to call me that." A wave of sadness hit me as I remembered that horrid night. I shook the memory away and placed to wolf cub on the floor to see one of my old friends come over. "Alpha tomson, long time no see, I think the last time I saw you I was 13, you came to pick me up from the station it town if I remember. You told me next time I was in town to flatten the officer on his arse, for what he said to me," I laughed as he looked me up and down "It's the same trouble maker, just she's grown up and has turned it to and even bigger trouble maker, for the boys that is." He chuckled and I saw he wasn't alone behind him was Sam the boy I met before. Why is his face so familier. "This is my son Sam, you two use to play together when you were younger. Hopefully you remember he never..." I finished his sentence for him "he never won a fight between me and him I rememer, I also rememer him getting a tantrum and flinging his toy car at my head. That defenitly got printed in my brain cells, well whats left of them that is." He laughed "and you remember that from when you were a pup?" I gave him an amused stare "No, I remember because I just read your mind." he laughed and to my surprise the boy looked at me with an amused stare Sam said "you can't do that you haven't changed into your wolf form yet." Me and his father gave him a knowing look I filled him in on what we already knew "I changed when I was 14 unlike you, you changed 3 days ago. I have powers no other wolf has because i'm the wolf from an ancient curse. I can see in the dark with heat vision and I can make myself invisable I have a strenght 10 times bigger than any wolf has ever had, and unlike any other wolf my coat colour changes with what I feel. Is that good enough for you, because if I have to show you I will show you in a dowl, not something you want to do." He laughed and his father gave me an urged look. "Fine I'll have a one on one match with you." His dad and me howled with laughter. I look up at his dad after we stop laughing only to burst out giggling when I see him trying to hold back laughter, which of course starts him laughing at my attempted not to laugh. After 20 minuits of us laughing we start to calm down. "Fine I'll fight with you only, we know the ground rules, we need a deal on this. Oh, and my pack and yours have to witness it aswell otherwise it's not an legal pack deal." He look's at me shocked that I know how to do all the legal bindings. Haha I tought what a cheese ball. I got a picture in my head of what it would be like to have a manslave, I started giggling at the image of Sam scrubbing the floor on his hands and knee's. "Fine," he said. "Fine, if I win you have to be my manslave for a month." He squinted his eyes at my bargain, but then gain a cheesy grin. "Fine, but if I win you have to become my mate." I was so shocked he wasn't surpose to know I was his mate. Only I knew that, I was surpose to hide it from him. Damn, I forgot mateing was a to way thing he could feel the bound and so could I. SNAP! I blinked to see blake (Sam's dad), clicking his finger's infront of my face. 

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