Ha! Watch me!

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Gabby's POV:
I woke up in a bed whose I woke up many times. I walked out in the lawyer's kitchen.

"Hey Gab." She as I sat at the bar grabbing a peach from the basket it the center.

I was still mad at Olivia so I looked at the sun rising from the window to calm me down before asking my question.

"Casey, does Olivia know I'm here?" I said trying to be nonchalant about it.

"Well. She is a cop so she have the entire force out looking for you, because she cares." She started putting emphasis on the one part from our conversation from last night.
"So yes I said that I took care of you."

"Mm hm." I nodded.

"Alright chica I'll drive you so to school,after your mom leaves so we can get your stuff,which will be any minute." Casey said going into the medicine cabinet.

"Whats up with you? Sick?" I asked Casey as she popped two pills back.

"Cramps." She said between her sips of water.

"Same." I jumped up lying as I got a stare of suspicion from Casey.

"You didn't even get it yet." Casey chuckled.

"No,I did." I said blinking back my smile.

"And the little girl started lying at 5:53 in morning. Wow. New record. Besides why do you want it so bad?" Casey rolled her eyes looking at the clock on the wall.

I smiled at the lying part mostly because it was true.

"Because I'm 14 and it sounds cool to say you got it." I kinda said not making I contact with her.

"Trust me its not all that. Put your shoes on so we can go get your stuff." Casey said laughing.

Its was already 9th period,the last period of the day.I sat down in math. Already in the three minutes I was there I was swarmed with people talking to me. I really don't even know them.

"Hey to you to guys." I said to the people who I never talk to as my best friend, Jacqueline,made her way over to our desk in the back.

"Hey babe." She said handing me our daily last period coffees that she gets us every afternoon.

"Whats cookin good lookin" I said and we laughed.

She was my best friend ever since I lived with Olivia. We pretty much were the power squad. We had a lot of people who didn't like us for various reasons.

The day pretty much went by fast and I was walking home.

I really didn't feel like going home to an empty house and my annoying sister coming home in an hour.

I went to one of my favorite restaurants,where almost every day,at some point in the day I got a cannoli,called Roeninis.

I grabbed a few and a tea and called Casey.

"Hola,que pasa." Casey answered.

"Speak English or Im gonna run away again." Gabby joked.

"Los siento,no hablo inglés." Casey said laughing.

"Excuse me I need to stop and catch my breath from running so far from a scary leprechaun named Casey." Gabby said as she took a bite if the cannoli.

"Im wearing my good heals today. Don't make me run. Whats up?" Casey said clearing her stuff getting ready for court.

"I don't wanna go home,Im coming over." I said shifting my backpack.

"Sorry charlie,I'm in court all after noon." Casey said.

"Figures since your working all the time. When will there be a break?" I questioned.

"Well my job is done when people stop rapping." Casey said. I heard her voice crack of sadness.

"So Ill take that as never." I said turning around to get on the subway that takes me to Olivia's.

"See ya later kid." Casey said as she hung up.

I started walking to Paisley's school with dunkin iced tea,which is something I rarely do.

"Heyho." I said twirling giving her the medium sized drink.

"Mm Whats up." Paisley said.

"Not much. Is mom mad?" I asked looking away from my sister.

"So thats why you met me today! To get inside and feel where moms at!" Paisley said laughing.

I smiled a very toothy smile,showing her she was right.

"She cooled down. She really loves you Gab." Paisley said as we walked away from the busy school commute.

"Good. Very good. Ok. Im gonna ask her tonight about that concert-" I started but then was cut off by Paisley.

"Ok,youre crazy! Do you forget what brought you into this mess." She said with wide eyes.

"Honestly. If she says know,Im just gonna go anyway." I said telling the truth.

"No. No your not." Paisley said.

"Watch me." I said with all seriousness.

Paisley sipped her drink before speaking again.

"Not alone. Im coming." She said looking at me as I grinned back.

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