Kerrie & Princeton

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Princeton : Hey beautiful

He says kissing your cheek.

Princeton : hey mini-me

He said rubbing your sons Afro, you smiled to yourself.

You : how was work today?

When you asked that, he looked uneasy.

You : what's the matter?

Princeton : it's Stacy again ..

When he said that name, a bomb blew up in your head. Stacy was Princetons co-worker, and she was a bit too friendly with him. One time you all went to dinner & she was flirting with him like you weren't even there! You were gunna fight her but you were pregnant at the time. But that was 2 years ago, now you can fight her.

You : I'll be right back.

You said through gritted teeth. You headed to your bedroom grabbing your sneakers & Vaseline.

Princeton : babe stop . Spread the peace remember ?


You yelled heading down the stairs, he ran after you. You walked down the street to her house. You knocked, actually banged on her front door. She opened it only with a towel wrapped around her .

Stacy : I expected Jacob, not you.

Without any alarm , you grabbed her by her hair & started fighting her on her own front lawn.

"Stop! Stop! You're ripping out my new extensions!" She cried. Out of nowhere, she jumped back & attacked back.

She put up a good a good fight. But when the time came, you won. You walked back to your house & entered to find Jacob just sitting on the couch.

You : she won't be messing with you anymore baby, that's a promise.

He shook his head, scoffed & headed upstairs. Confused, you followed him to find him in the shower. Quietly, you stripped down , & got in with him.

He ignored you, like you weren't even there.

You : what's wrong ?

Princeton : nothing.

He said rudely. You wrapped your arms around his abdomin.

You : tell me!

Princeton : I can Handel myself Kay !

You : why are you yelling right now? All I asked was a simple question.

You said removing your hands,

Princeton : because you're always getting into someone's bussiness ! Just , -sigh- you could've let me Handel it.

You : you obviously can't it she's still been doing it! I mean it's been going on for 2 years! If you could've handled it , THERE WOULDN'T BE A FUCKING PROBLEM.

He grabbed your face, not roughly but strong enough to make you look at him directly in the face.

Princeton : you the fuck do you think you're getting an attitude with Kay?

He said with his body pressed right against you. You shifted , his manhood was pressed right on your women hood, and he was doing it on purpose,

You : get off of me !

Princeton : how about I get inside you?

He turned you around pushing himself inside you.

You moaned loudly,

Princeton : shut up! Isiah is asleep peacefully, you don't want him woken up with you're screaming do you?!

You shook your head no.

Princeton : good.

He thrusted inside & out of you at a rapid pace. He picked you up, and thrusted slowly. You hung on to his neck & put your head in the crease.

You guys went to the shower , to the sink then back to the bedroom.


You were on top of him breathing hard.

Princeton : I'm sorry I got so mad, you were just trying to help.

You : I'm sorry I always get so nosy,

Princeton : no I like that , just don't fight unless I give her permission

You laughed.

You : okay ,

Princeton : I love you

You : I love you too


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