Since Day One (SFW)

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You were a singer.

You started off as a street performer and now here you are, backstage, your manager calming you down, about to perform your song in front of millions of people, for the first time.

"And now, the moment we've all been waiting for, let us welcome, (your name)!!"

You walked to the center of the stage with a confident and beautiful smile, high fiving the band and the backup dancers, waving at the viewers who are squealing and cheering for you.

"Good evening everybody!!" You exclaimed through the microphone.

The audience roared with shrieks and squeals. A lot of "I love you (your name)!"s and "Oh my God its (your name)!"s could be heard.

When the cheering died down, you spoke, "My singing career began on the streets. I have this spot I go to in the park and I perform there with my guitar. I remember this one particular person though. He jogs in that park everyday and when he passes by me, he always gives me a tip. He sometimes listens to me sing and we would talk to eachother, but I never got his name. And so, I dedicate this song to that stranger who supported me since the very beginning."

The drummer started the countdown and you began singing.

When the concert ended, you took selfies with fans, signed autographs, and recieved gifts from them until your manager interrupted and told you to go to your dressing room.

"Hey wait! I'm not yet done greeting them!" You told your manager.

"Remember when I told you that someone sponsored a big amount for your concert? Yeah, they're coming here to talk with you personally." Your manager whispered.

"What?! No way! Why didn't you say so?! We have to go meet them!" You accidentally shouted at your manager.

"Hey, sorry to cut it short guys but I really have to go! Thank you so much for your support!" You told your fans as they squealed, dragging your manager to your dressing room.

You waited for a few minutes and then you heard the door open.

Shock was written all over your face when you saw the person who walked through the door.

"It's you!" You exclaimed at the guy at the door wearing sunglasses, a suit and tie.

"(your name)! Where are your manners! You know better than to point!" Your manager whisper-yelled at you, slapping your hand.

"I'm sorry.. its just.. he seems familiar." You whispered.

"Glad to finally meet you, (your name)." He introduces, extending an arm out to you.

"Ah! Good to finally meet the biggest sponsor for my concert!" You said as you shook his hand with a confident smile.

"I would like to talk with you in private, (your name).. If that's fine with you." He asked, looking at your manager.

Your manager gets the message and leaves the room.

The room was quiet until he broke it, "How's your career going (your name)?" He asked as he sat down on a chair across from you.

"It's going great sir. I've got so many supporters and I'm thankful for each one of them." You answered, smiling.

"Hmm.. What was the song that you sung first? I found it really catchy." He asked again.

"Oh that! It's actually my favorite song that I've produced! It's about a guy that supported me, even if I was still a street performer." You smiled, remembering the guy.

He laughed and you quickly looked at him.

He took his glasses off and gave you a toothy grin, "I'm glad to see you're finally out of the streets and in a much more comfortable place to perform."

You stared at him, mouth agape.

He chuckled at your reaction and extended his arm out to you, "(his name). Your biggest sponsor, the man in your song, and the guy who has been with you since day one."

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