Where's My Kiss? (SFW)

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"C'mon baby!! Let's dance!" You exclaimed at your boyfriend.

There was a festival in town and you wanted to go there with your boyfriend.

It's funny how you, a very jolly and lively person, were dating a stoic and seemingly unintrested guy.

He just one day asked you out and you accepted.

You dragged him to the place where everyone was gathered around, dancing to festive music.

You held his hands, started dancing and humming to the tune while beaming at him until he looked away, blushing.

You pouted and made him look at you with your hands.

"If you dance, I'm gonna give you a kiss." You bribed.

He just stared at you and looked away.

After a while of you dancing, he suddenly started swaying his hips a bit but you noticed.

You snickered at him but he glared at you.

You immediately stopped and looked away.

He cleared his throat and mumbled, "So where's my kiss?"

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