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DISCLAIMER⚠️ I'm not an expert in Greek mythology, culture, or history. I have done heavy research, and since this is a retelling there may be parts of the story that aren't accurate to the mythology/history.

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The sun gently kissed my skin, and the morning breeze brushed through my hair. A pasture of vibrant green grass stretches for miles, and bouquets of colorful flowers sprout from the rich soil. The smell of fresh rainfall swirls through the air, and I look back toward my small cottage.

The lake is populated with a few nymphs, and their eyes quickly dart to me as I rush toward the bank. I get to a calm clear lake and breathe in the freshwater scent. As fish swim through the sparkling blue water, I kick off my golden brown sandals.

"Aren't you being too careless? Your mother is going to find out eventually." I hear a familiar feminine voice echo from the shrubs near the lake.

I look up and see Artemis standing near the bank, with her feet in the shallow water. Her long fiery red hair is tossed up with a leather strap, and the bottom of her brown dress barely touches the water. Her skin is light and soft, just like her pale green eyes.

"She's never once caught me, I think I'll be okay," I say confidently.

"I would've thought by now, you'd be free." She says stepping deeper into the pond.

"Me too, but I have all of eternity to change her mind. Of course, none of them are going to tell on me, they don't know who I am."

"Athena knows of your birth. Who's to say she won't tell them?"

"Athena won't tell anyone." I assure, "I'm going to be her priestess in training, she wouldn't risk my safety."

"You are too careless." She scorns.

I roll my eyes and sink myself into the warm lake. I submerge headfirst into the crisp fresh water and swim closer toward Artemis. As I float to the surface, I feel my long dark hair weigh on my shoulders. I wipe the water from my eyes and float around her.

"I could live here," I suggest. "If I can convince my mom, she might be able to give you something so you can live without water. We could build a cottage here, and we could go explore Sicily island!"

She shakes her head, and bits of water fling from her freckled face.

"I wouldn't step 2 centimeters from the water, you know how I am." She says with a stern voice.

I give her a persuasive nudge. "Come on. If you had the chance, you wouldn't leave?"

"Nymphs don't leave their homes. We have a perfect life here, why would you want to leave?"

"We wouldn't leave permanently. Just for a few days, I want you to see what's out there. Athens, Rome, almost anywhere else in the world."

She gives me a raised brow. "Your mom will never let you go."

"My mother will have to at some point. She can't bind me forever, even if she tried." I say with confidence.

She lightly splashed me with water, and I giggle to splash her back. Before I can splash her again, I stop her with my palm.

"I forgot to tell you! I snuck into the village again." I whisper shout.

Her face grows pale and doesn't radiate the happy countenance I wanted. Her eyes widen and her brows scrunch together.

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