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so the introduction is a little confusing in places and violent ALOT of the way through but if it isnt read than the rest WONT make sense. Enjoy. this is something me and my little sister are working on:)__________________________________________________________________________________

Hannah could feel the slash marks that the masked and gloved man was leaving on her neck. Her screams filled the night sky. "Screaming wont help you know, it's too late. I'm sorry that it had to end like this but you know too much about me," the mystery man had a fake British accent... it was really bad.

Hannah let out another cry for help when the man stabbed her in the stomach. Lights in the house flicked on and the man was gone. Hannah was left to die beside the house.

A male living in the house came out with a baseball bat. The faint voice of a female on the phone with the police on the other end came from inside the house," we are at 1628 Dark End LN. and there is a lot of screaming coming from outside my house."

-Time lapse-

Ten minutes later the police showed up and said that Hannah Wilson would not live. Her parents were contacted and they rushed to the scene.

Hannah died that night in her own bed- a request made by the parents. It was 2:15 when her heart finally gave up and stopped beating.

Her home was ten miles from where she was found. The mystery of how she was so far from home still remains a mystery. No one could seem to figure it out; her parents were keeping silent and two weeks after Hannah's death they moved away.

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