The Singularitive Scenarios: Log line & Back Cover Blurb

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A Berkeley professor and her lab team make an astounding discovery then battle a violent conspiracist backlash to restore their reputation, sanity, and their discovery's credibility.

In 2031, Jase, a maverick Ph.D. student, toiling on unglamorous astronomy research in a UC Berkeley lab, launches a rogue experiment. The experiment leads to discoveries that astound humanity—but have uncertain consequences over the coming decades.

Those uncertainties incite a conspiracy theorist and his minions to foment controversies about the discoveries. The discoveries also have heretical ramifications that provoke a firebrand religious crusader and her acolytes to vilify the leader of Jase's lab, Lita, a young professor striving to advance her career. 

While battling to overcome all that often violent backlash, the roller coaster lives of Lita, Jase, and their colleagues careen into even more chaos when their collaborations with a gutsy biotech entrepreneur and an alt-lifestyle activist reshape society—in beneficial but also divisive ways.

The Singularitive Scenarios dramatizes how, over the coming century, a chain of new technologies, scientific discoveries, and social movements revolutionize civilization. It also follows the intimate stories of a cadre of trailblazers as the arcs of their lives take unexpected turns—some triumphant, others tragic.

The epic saga will make you ponder our destiny—and origins.

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