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Pen Your Pride

Short and Sweet Imagine

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"Come on, (Y/N). They'll love you, I know they will," Niall whined in yet another attempt to persuade you. He'd been trying for days to get you to come home with him, and meet his family. You weren't very thrilled about this idea. You had always been quite self-conscious, and you honestly weren't sure what his parents would think of you. You'd hate to make a bad first impression and then ruin everything.

"Niall, can we wait?" You said, running your fingers through your hair and staring anywhere but at Niall.

"No," He said sharply. "We've waited long enough. You're coming home with me, and you're meeting my family. End of discussion."

You smiled, shaking your head at his cuteness. "I think I'll pass," You said.

He rolled his eyes before moving closer to you. "I'm not gonna shut up until you agree to come, might as well just say it now. You're coming," He said, placing his hand on top of yours.

You stubbornly shook your head once again. "Niall, I'm sorry, but I just am not ready to meet your family yet. I'm sure they're lovely people, but I'm not ready," You stated, hoping he'd understand and drop the conversation.

He stared into your eyes, and suddenly pulled you into a long kiss. He pulled away and whispered, "How about now?"

You giggled. "Sorry, dear."

He groaned in frustration and pulled you into his lap, and began to sing to you. He sang for about a minute and a half until he stopped to say, "Now?"

You smiled at him, then quickly shook your head. "Beautiful voice, but still no."

He grinned mischievously. "Fine then. Guess I'm gonna have to pull out the guitar."

He snuck away to get his guitar, and was already strumming away by the time he returned. He started to strum a few chords before chiming in with his voice. You listened to his performance, making sure to applaud at the end.

" about now?" Niall asked, setting his guitar aside, pleased with his performance.

You bit your lip, and shook your head once again. "No," Was all you said.

It was hard not to smile. You loved how he would not quit until you agreed.

"(Y/N), you're so perfect. My family will love you just as much as I do. Not more, though, cuz that's not possible. Please, (Y/N)! Please!" He begged, giving you puppy dog eyes. You looked at him, silently.

"I'll buy you ice cream!" Niall offered, still giving you puppy dog eyes.

"Okay, fine!" You finally agreed, not able to turn down the ice cream offer.

"I knew the ice cream would get you!" Niall cheered, hugging you.

"Guess I'm a food lover like you," You said into his neck.

You felt him smile. "It's no wonder why I love you," He said, holding you close.

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