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Around the Campfire

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The older girl stoked the campfire, making the evil flames dance and squeal, causing shapes to appear, all twisted and contorted, like a creature in pain. The girls bit their lips, blood spilling out of tiny punctures, landing in their laps.

The Hour of the Walking Dead had begun.

" Once upon an evil moon, the sun being hidden behind a planet , causing night to rule the day, petrifying..... things, in it's way. Never before had there been the need to use lanterns in the day, for Madeline and Thomas Grey.

How could you you tell when the hours of the day were the hours of the night, when the hours of the day ceased to be? No daylight, no sunlight, no glittering path to show the way to ever sunshine. Never before Never again would this evil night occur again,who say it would ever end? Would this night just keep going on, and on, and on until the universe had no time left, no time left at all, until everything just..... stopped? Until everything just ceased to exist? Until the Big Bang reversed itself, stars and planets just vanishing like they never existed?

But how could you tell if this hadn't already happened; just that we didn't know or, perhaps,  was happening right now, this very second? You just couldn't tell , and the unknown and infinity is what everybody fears, deep down inside, and everyone, Everyone is scared of the dark. The never ending Darkness......"

The older girl sighed. The younger girls had most definitely most wet themselves, but wouldn't admit it. They wanted more, they wanted a happy ending. They were drawn to the story like flies to honey. They Needed the story. They needed the words, and for that they needed her. The Master of the Hour of the Waking Dead.

"Madaline Gray, a girl of 11, woke in the middle of the eve of the day of darkness. She alone seen the trees whip and crack, the branches whirl through the air- like a belt to a back- the sun settle, the black planet cover the sun and the moon, and watch as lights in the above sky blink and fade away. She alone felt the terror run through her veins, felt the shiver over her spine, felt the dread creep slowly, ever so slowly, ever so painfully up her neck. She alone watched the visions her imagination created. She alone screamed inside her head until she calmed slightly. It was just a dream, surly, this couldn't happen.

There was always a way, and the way had always been there. the way wouldn't just vanish. Just a dream, or a hallucination. Shouldn't tell Ma, Da or Tommy, they would think she was crazy, but mabye she was crazy, thoughts trickled through her mind. But the thoughts were silenced as the girl closed her eyes, and lay her head back down, shutting out the world around her.

Darkness held on to the world like the clammy feeling of sleep- deprivation. It held on with teeth, fangs, claws, anything it could get hold of, if darkness can even hold anything. If a match was lit, it spluttered and flickered in an invisible draught.  Unwatched candles all flickered before going out, leaving the world in the reign of darkness...."

The older girl stopped talking as thunder rumbled across the sky, surrounding the small campfire. Something was in the air. Something was watching the girls.  Then it happened. Darkness reigned the real world. The older girl, the older girl became Madaline Gray.

Here it ends. I have no more to say. Time stops, and it stopped here.

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