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I'd Rather Be In Love With... You Part 53

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And I saw them healing.

Friends were forever, and these were the best kind I'll ever find. COMMENT    VOTE    FAN!!!


Part 53

I'm sure someones told you before, 'There's nothing like a big pizza with extra toppings, chocolate ice cream and a bottle of Jack, can't solve.' Well it's half true. It can stop the unhealthy tears and add laughter in with them, it can make your relationship with your friends stronger, it can make you open up to feelings you wouldn't before and it can make you see the most important things in your life when your sitting with your friends watching them as they laugh, cry and bloat their sorrys to each other.

But what it can't solve is a broken heart, the pain of the sharp pieces as they land at the pit of your stomach, the forced smile that cuts every fiber inside of you down and the stinging of empty holes swishing around inside you, the feeling of being a lone attacking you when your curled up in your room and crying for the boy you could never have.

I remember those days, everyone does.

And I knew that's what they would be feeling in the morning but as long as they had each other, as long as Nicky kept hold of Hanna, I believe they can pull through it.

After all, the only cure for heart break is time and friends.

It was almost midnight and Hanna and Nicky passed out, both hugging on the ground from falling off the bed completely off their heads with beer. So I took off their shoes and covered them with a blanket allowing them to stay together.

I picked up the mess on the floor and dumped into a black bag and turned to look at them one last time before leaving the room and walking off campus. I wasn't really allowed here anymore, I mean I was welcome just not really welcome if that made sense?

Beside's I gotta get a nights sleep for tomorrow. Zara's gonna need me on top form and the most probably held only one thing:


A bust in my books but can be considered fun in Zara's, I'm just a little scared she'll catch on, on something that I really could deal without her knowing!


"So, what do you think?" I was sitting on one of the leather black stools in a small shop as my sister went around trying different things on and not to be rude but my mind was else where. All I could think about was Chris and when he was coming back! "Fay!"

"Huh? Oh yeah . . . Yellow . . . really . . . suits you!" I said quickly stopping when I noticed what she was holding up.

Dear God I hope she isn't gonna buy that! It's a nanny's shirt!

"See! This is how I know your not actually here! Like I would ever buy this disgusting frock!" Zara threw the shirt into an unwanted pile on the floor and got a glare from old lady she she simply smiled too sweetly before sitting next to me. "What's up? My baby sister seems to be staring off into a space of nothing."

"It's nothing. Come one birthday girl! The Malls bursting with other stores!" I said jumping to my feet and grabbing her hand dragging her from the shop and walking across the bridge into another clothes store, after all, my sister LOVED clothes.

When I was little, I always thought the word Clothes was the name of her new boyfriend! That's how in love she made me think she was with clothes!

"Oh wait up Fay! You're not telling me something." She yanked my hand back pulling me to a halt in the middle of the store and folding her arms over her chest staring at me with a grin. You see! She can tell anything with a simple glance! She's my sister for Christ sakes! "Come on, spill or I'll make up a rumour to that- Oh wow, he's cute!"

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