Chapter Four

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Gracie's POV

I didn't leave the house for the next week. It was currently the morning of the next Sunday since I had seen Hudson or even left the house. He would try to come and talk to me, but Ms. Rose would always tell him that I was busy helping with the twins or the baby. It took me awhile to talk her into telling him such a lie, but she finally agreed after I promised to help.

I pull my white dress over my head. Today was my 17th birthday. Ms. Rose was planning a party for me, and promised to bake me a strawberry cake.

"Gracie!" Zach yelled throwing open my bedroom door, "happy birthday!" He wraps his arms tightly around me as everyone else follows suit yelling out happy birthdays.

"Thanks guys," I tell them as they let go.

"We got you a present," Violet rushes handing me a small velvet box. I open the box and inside is a necklace. I gasp pulling it out. It was a gold heart necklace that said home on it. The back of it looked like little puzzle pieces with everyone's name carved into it, even Penelope. Seeing her name I glance over the children. She wasn't here.

She hadn't left her room since she got here unless it was too eat, and even then she would finish quickly and rush back to her room. I smile at all the kids as I put the necklace on.

"You all are too sweet," I tell them looking at the necklace in my mirror. It went nicely with my curled blonde hair and pearl earrings.

"Breakfast!" Ms. Rose yelled from downstairs and all the kids ran to get their serving.

I picked up Zara and followed the rest of the kids down the stairs. Ms. Rose sat at the long table with Penelope as she ate her waffles. I sat next to her and put Zara in her high chair that sat next to me.

The door bell was heard and violet was quick to run and answer it, "Gracie isn't here," Violet said. Her usual happy tone turning rude and uninterested.

"Yes, she is," Hudson's voice is quick to enter my mind and every stops what they are doing. Ever since I made him leave everyone has had a sour attitude towards him. It's almost like they knew that he had hurt me.

"She does not want to talk to you, so leave," Violet says slamming the door. I sigh a breath of relief when I hear his footsteps walking down the driveway.

"You can not avoid him forever," Penelope tells me. This was the first full sentence she had ever said to me, or anyone for that matter. The room is silent once again.

"I know, but the longer the better," I sigh feeding Zara a piece of scrabbled eggs.

"What about your lunch with the alpha?" Violet asks.

"I will just steer clear of Hudson," I nod eating a piece of waffle.

"Gracie you have a doctors appointment at 1," Ms. Rose tells me. My eyes widen at the remembrance. I will have to make lunch fast.

"Can we watch a movie?" Zach asks pushing his empty plate away.

"What kind of movie?" Violet asks taking a bite from her bacon.

"Ooh! We could watch The Lion King!" Shouts Andrew who was shoving more bacon on his plate.

"I think that's a great idea," I tell the kids. Everyone grabs there refilled plates and piles into the living room.


After finishing the movie it was now twelve and time for my lunch date with Alpha Theo. How exciting. I bring myself away from home and make my way to the pack house. My nerves pick up as the events of last Sunday crash into my mind.

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