LOL moment! 4/9/11 ...funny story!!

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okay, so I woke up at 6:23 and i was freaking out because I was going to miss my bus. (bus arrives at 6:30 btw) so i was getting dressed when i said to myself, "its saturday smart one" yes, today is a saturday and instead of going back to bed like a normal teenager would, i went on facebook. But then, i saw a shadow on my wall of something flying, and theres a wasp nest in my room, so i took the wasp killer i keep by my bed and cuddled with it, you know rocking back and forth like a crazy person, then i said, "hey! i have wasp killer and i swear to god im not afraid to use it!" then i started singing Im Not Afraid by eminem out loud. when later i soon realized it wasnt a was a bird flying outside of my window! andi can tell you right now..todays gonna be a pretty interesting day. i think im gonna keep doing these little update things on the crazyness that goes on! my lifes pretty interesting =)

LOL moment! 4/9/11 ...funny story!!Where stories live. Discover now