7) Do Over Date/I Gotchu

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I laid in my bed, thinking about that fucked up date. I swear I was tempted to beat all them niggas asses, but I would've lost my contract. Can't have that.

I picked up my phone, going to Jehari's contact. Pressing the call button, I put it on speaker and threw my arm over my face.

"Hello?" Her soft voiced flowed into my ears.

"Wassup baby girl?"


"Whatchu doin?"

"Watching Empire on Hulu. You?"

"Layin in the dark. You good?"

"Yeah. I'm sorry about tonight." She apologized.

"Nah, don't apologize baby. Them niggas was fucked up for that." I sat up.

"But, I'm sure I embarrassed you."

"Jehari shut up." I stated, leaning against my headboard.

She got quiet, and so did I. The thirty second silence was comfortable, but I had things on my mind. I suddenly had an idea, so I spoke up.



"Let's have a do over date." I suggested.

"A do over date?"

"Yeah. I mean, we don't even have to go out. We can just chill at my crib."

"Sure. Okay, that's fine. When?"

I looked at the time, seeing it was only nine thirty.

"Now. I'll come get you."

"Okay, I'll be waiting."

"Aight. Be there in thirty." I stood up and grabbed my keys.


Hanging up my phone, I got in my black Impala LTZ and made my way to Jehari's apartment.

After hanging up the phone, I got up and put my hair in a bun before changing into a pair of black sweats and a pair of custom purple and black Air Jordan Alpha 1's.

After debating on changing out of my purple tank top, I decided to just grab a black hoodie and throw it on.

As soon as I grabbed my phone and keys, Romeo knocked on my door. Opening it, I came face to face with Mr. Montana himself. He gave me a smile, in which I returned as I stared at him.

He stood in front of me, dressed in gray sweats, custom Lebron Elites, and a white wife beater showed all of his tattoos. A gray beanie covered his hair and a silver chain laid against his chest.

I must've been staring too long, because he cleared his throat. I looked away in embarrassment causing him to chuckle.

"I know, I'm sexy. Go head and stare." He stated cockily.

"Boy bye. Let's go."

I walked out after locking the door from the inside. Romeo led me to his car and helped me inside.

Such a gentleman.

Once he was inside the car, I turned to him.

"How many cars do you have?" I asked curiously.

"Five, including this."

I nodded, wishing I could live his lifestyle.

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