Chapter 25

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Rina's POV
The last few days have been hell every time I see Mira it's like a punch in the face. High school is supposed to be the best years of your life. But in reality it's all lies and knives in the back and bitches. Bitches like me. I'm such a horrible person. Mira and I were like sisters, we could actually finish each other's sentences and we would say things at the same time and ... Oh god why did I ruin it. Why throw all that away to be popular and get boys? But I did. I was stupid and blinded by rage. I felt like she was dumping me for them, for boys. Now that I know who I really am I should stay away from her. So I don't hurt her any more than I have. She has to hate me by now, after all I did throw her insecurities in her face earlier. I'm gonna miss her. Scratch that I do miss her.
"Hello, earth to Rina...." Matt was waving his hand in front of my face, trying to get my attention.
"You just kinda zoned out after you got in the car."
"Oh sorry. I just kinda, I have a lot on my mind." I feel bad that I zoned out.
"It's fine. What time do you want me to pick you up at?" He asked. What? Did I agree to something while I was zoned out?
"For what?" I asked with a confused look.
"For our date tonight, Rina if you don't wanna go you can tell me."
"What? Why wouldn't I want to go. Like I said I've had a lot on my mind. This will be fun, it will be a good distraction." I said with a smile. Matt's face lit up.
"Ok so I'll be here at 7."
"Sounds good. See you later." With that I got out of the car and walked through the door way that was left open. My brother must be home. I closed the door and went to my room so I could figure out what to wear on my date.

After going through all my clothes, which is a lot, I decided to wear a white lacy top with a light blue skirt and my brown combat boots. I kept my make up light with only a light pink lip gloss and some mascara. I grabbed a few braclets and a small purse that matched my boots. I looked in the mirror and again saw how much I've changed since the beginning of the school year.
My phone was vibrating on my dresser. Breaking me out of my thoughts, I saw it was a message from Matt saying he was almost at my house. After walking down stairs I got another text saying that Matt was in the driveway.
"Hey" I said as I got in his car.
"Wow you look great!" he said after looking at me. Of course this caused me to blush.
"Stop your making me blush!" I said as I playfully hit his arm.
"Most girls like it when they are complimented, especially if someone as good looking as me said it." This caused me to laugh and he joined me with a chuckle.
"Where are we going anyway?"
"We are giong to play mini golf then we can go get some food or something if you like?" the end came out as a question.
"Perfect! I haven't played in forever, but I'm gonna warn you I'm a pro mini golfer."
"We will have to see about that."

We had just finished playing mini golf and Matt was pouting becuase the champion (me) won.
"Come on lets go get some food." he said as he walked past his car.
"Um Matt you just passed your car."
"I know I figured we would walk there. There's a little pizza place down here with the best breadsticks," he said with a big grin on his face.
"Hey Matt?"
"You got a little drool right here." I said pointing to the cornner of his mouth.
"HA.Ha.HA. Very funny Rina. You're ok with pizza right?"
"Of course who doesn't love pizza!" At this he walked over to me and intertwined our fingers as we walked to the resturant and ordered a pizza and the best breadsticks.

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