Chapter 2: Eddie's Trailer

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You stand at your closet, looking for something to wear to Eddie's trailer. You don't know if it's a date or if he really just wants you to join Hellfire. You decide to go bold and wear a low-cut floral sundress.

 You decide to go bold and wear a low-cut floral sundress

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You get into an Uber and make your way to Eddie's. He opens the door and his eyes immediately wonder down your body. "You look beautiful." You blush and he opens the door wider to invite you in. You look around but you don't see any D&D equipment. You wonder towards the living room and see Netflix set up with popcorn and candy on the coffee table, with pillows and blankets on the couch. He clears a space on the couch for you and him to sit down and he lets you pick the movie. Again, you go bold and choose Titanic. "Oh a classic." He says. "Yeah is this okay?" You ask. "Of course," he replies. He puts his arm around you and the movie begins. About and hour into the movie his hands behind to wonder down to your thigh. He places one hand on your leg and one on your cheek and he goes in for a kiss. "Oh my God I'm making out with Eddie The Freak Munson!!"

You lean back to the point where you're laying down and Eddie is on top of you, but neither of you break the kiss. You start unbuttoning his shirt and you pull it off his shoulders. He picks you up, still not breaking the kiss and carries you to his room. He breaks the kiss to get up and close his door, just in case his uncle comes home. While he's locking the door, you see his handcuffs hanging on the knob of one of his dresser drawers. You stand up and walk towards him and go in for a kiss. While you're kissing, his hands struggle to unzip your dress but he eventually does it. He picks you up and puts you on the bed again gently and starts kissing down your body.

Suddenly your phone starts ringing from the living room. "Eddie I have to get that, it could be my mom." You get up and put your dress back on, even though you don't want to. You pick up the phone. "Y/n get your ass home right now!" It's your mom. She found out you left the house without her permission. "Fine," you say angrily and hang up the phone. Eddie comes into the living room and zips up your dress while kissing your neck. "I'll see you tomorrow?" he asks. "Of course." You give him a kiss goodbye and start walking home.


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