Chapter 32

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I decided it was time to get out of this hot hospital. "Huh?" I asked. "Where are all the zombies gone from outside?" I asked again. I suddenly realised that I was talking to no one. I removed the chair from under the door handle. I looked around with the sword in my hand. I banged on the wall to see if any zombies were there. Nothing came through to me. I saw that the keys were in the main door of the hospital and I ran to them. I got the keys, ran outside, locked the doors and then walked back to the house. "What the hell?" I said in shock. The building opposite us was on fire. Thousands of zombies and what looked like Tom were inside burning to death. I picked up the speed to the house. I then banged on the door "Let me in!" I shouted. I heard Leighanna run the door and pulled me in. "Where's Tom? Is he okay?" I asked. "He was in that building that is on fire and no he isn't okay, neither is Sara. She is upstairs having a mental break down." Leighanna replied. I ran up the stairs to see Francesca's arms around Sara. "Its going to be fine!" Francesca repeated. I walked up to the door. "Lauren do you want to come with me?" I said. She followed me downstairs as I poured her a drink of Coca Cola that I found at the hospital. "Now your dad and your sister have gone away for a while, but I am trying my best to get them back, okay?" She looked at me and smiled as she sipped her drink.

I looked out of the hole in the wood that boarded up my bedroom window. "I've never noticed that before!" I said to Megan. "What?" She asked. "There is an airport right across the street. There will defiantly be supplies in there that can help us. "we will check it out tomorrow morning." I sat on my bed, leaned back and slowly closed my eyes.

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