Chapter 33 Altar Of The Sunne

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No one's POV

It's currently the next day after the incident at Aether Paradise, and Nhazul was currently sitting at his desk, leaning back, looking at Nebby's new form.

Nhazul: ...

Everyone walked over to Nhazul surprised, seeing Nebby's new form.

Mallow: Is that Nebby?!

Nhazul: Yep.

Lana: It's strange.

Ash: I was surprised when I saw it yesterday, but Nhazul didn't really explain how it happened.

Rotom Dex: What exactly happened yesterday?

Sophocles: Maybe it are too many sugar stars and ended up becoming one itself?

Mallow: ...-_-... Obviously not.

Sophocles: I'm sorry...

Kiawe: Nhazul, what exactly happened over three?

Nhazul proceeded to explain what happened yesterday, shocking everyone.

Mallow: Lillie's mother was kidnapped?!

Lana: An Ultra Beast...

Ash: No way...

Kiawe: Hey, hey, you gotta be kidding!

Mallow: Is Lillie alright?

Nhazul: I'm not sure. She seemed out of it yesterday when I last saw her. I asked Serena to keep an eye on her, but-

Everyone then saw Serena, Kukui and Janes walk into the classroom.

Ash: Professor Kukui?

Mallow: And Mr James!

Serena: She isn't here either...

Nhazul: Serena? What's going on?

James: Young Miss Lillie and Young Master Gladion have disappeared from the mansion

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James: Young Miss Lillie and Young Master Gladion have disappeared from the mansion.

Everyone: Disappeared?!

Lana: They ran away?

Mallow: No way!

Nhazul: I honestly had a feeling they'd do something like this. They must be looking for a way to found a way to their mom.

Kiawe: But she's on the other side of the Ultra Hole, isn't she?

Ash: Then where did they go?

Mallow: They'd have to open an Ultra Hole first, right?

Serena: But if they don't know how to open it...

Ash: There's just too much we don't know.

Nhazul: I have a feeling Gladion knows something. He seemed determined to find another way to get there.

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