Chapter 4

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When she opened her eyes she was lying on a bed that smelled like febreze.

“Finally,” a voice said. Jackie opened her eyes and saw Trina, Tiffany, Veronica, and Samantha surrounding her.

“What the hell!” Jackie asked getting up too quick making her dizzy.

“Welcome to your bachelorette party,” Trina said. When Jackie sat up she absorbed the room, and saw that she was at Veronica and Sam’s house.

“Ya’ll did all that just to get me to Sam and Veronica’s place.

“Well it wasn’t easy, we had to get Ryan to carry you in here,” Tiffany explained getting her a piece of bread and a glass of milk.

“So what are we doing?”

“Since the wedding is the day after tomorrow, we decided that we would just sleep in tonight, and wake up early tomorrow morning to pick up the dresses, get your sister, and go get all cleaned up,” Samantha listed.

Over the past few days Jackie had to pick out dresses and shoes for her brides maids and it was a hassle finding a perfect color green for them to wear.  Bobby was taking care of everything else, but Ryan and Jackie were continuously having arguments about the songs, but came to an agreement.  And Jackie’s mother had sent over the green wedding dress that she adored. To top it all off she sent the gloves, crown, and veil that went with the dress.

“So how am I supposed to go back to sleep?” Jackie asked.

“Morphine,” Veronica said.

“Ugh,” Jackie grunted as Sam approached her with the napkin.

“Just don’t attack me,” Sam said.

“Just do it,” Jackie said as Samantha pushed the napkin onto her nose and mouth.

            The next morning when she woke up Jackie saw Tiffany and Trina talking as they watched the TV.  

“Good morning Jackie,” They said at the same time.

“Hey,” Jackie said in a scratchy voice.

“Your clothes are in the bathroom, we picked them out, and your sister is up front,” Trina explained.

“Alright, let me go wash up,” Jackie said getting up to take a shower. When she finished she got dressed in her black jeans, and a white shirt with a black cowboy vest. She had a pair of black knee length boots.

“Nice outfit,” Jackie complimented.

“Well you know we had to make you look good,” Tiffany said.

“Here’s the food,” Joi said coming in giving Trina the food.

“Hey Joi,” Jackie said.

“Jackie!” Joi screeched giving Joi a big hug.

“How you been?” Jackie asked.

“Pretty good keepin’ up with you I’m a doctor now, but I’m still livin’ in Ohio. And I’m seein’ this guy he’s so cute,” Joi explained.

“Good am I gonna see him at the wedding?” Jackie asked.

“Yeah, he’s driving down here now,” Joi explained.

“Well what’s been up with you a Jep?” Jackie asked.

“Nothing, I see him every other week and he still lives with dad, he went to a community college, now he goes to Ohio State,” Joi explained.

“Well what is he studying??” Jackie asked.

“Something about helping animals, he’s gonna graduate pretty soon,” Joi said. Jackie had told her family about the marriage a week ago and she found out that she missed her sister’s graduation because she was in Paris, and her father got remarried, but it was at a court house. He even has a new little girl running around his house.  Jackie wasn’t thrilled about the new stepmother but she got over it pretty soon.  She told her mom the news and she was staying in a hotel with her husband by the wedding location.

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