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Virgo was pissed off and worried as hell, where was Leo? Was he ok? His thoughts were interrupted however because they had reached the humming noise which seemed to be a portal of some kind, what in the world?-

Suddenly they were all being sucked in the portal, Virgo screamed along with the others but he felt the dizzy feeling inside of him and felt as though his insides were twisting. Portals were not that fun.

He landed on a hard surface and bruised his elbows, " Ow!"

Virgo sat up and saw the others, he then looked at his surroundings, fields of red and orange rock that stretched on for miles.

Then Virgo saw Leo laying on the floor his skin bright red, Virgo rushed towards him immediately and lay Leo's head on his lap.

" Aw the gays have united," said Aries getting up and walking over, soon the others were coming over as well.

" Leo! Are you alive!" Shouted Virgo.

" He's not deaf you idiot," said Scorpio smacking Virgo's head.

" W-Waterr," said Leo coughing.

" Shit! Where am I supposed to get water?"

" Spit in his mouth," suggested Aries.

" No!" We all shouted in unison.

" Look!" Shouted Libra who pointed out in the distance, Virgo looked up to see some random guy who was fast as hell running towards them.

" Is he an enemy?" Wondered Capricorn out loud.

" Well how are we supposed to know dumbass," said Scorpio rolling her eyes.

" How rude," said Capricorn crossing her arms and pouting. The mysterious guy stopped in front of us and stared at us curiously. He had a weird crystal looking container filled with glittery water.

" Who are you?" He asked staring around at us.

" We'd like to know the same thing," demanded Libra in a childish way.

" I'm Kai, are you friends of Leo?" He asked with furrowed brows.

Virgo looked at him suspiciously, he knew Leo all too well, this guy, Kai would definitely be a future problem, gay boyfriend jealousy suddenly activated in Virgo.

" Actually I'm his boyfriend," said Virgo looking up at the stranger.

" Yeah well I'm helping him," said the guy sitting down and opening his crystal container.

" Woah woah woah, what if that's poison?" Virgo said glaring at the stranger.

" Do you want him to die or something?"

" Oh course now!-

The stranger Kai opened Leo's mouth and poured three drops of the glittery water. " I suggest you all do the same otherwise-

Suddenly Gemini fell down, " Ow! What in the hell!"

So they all took three drops each and soon Leo's eyes fluttered open, Virgo gave him a warm smile and Leo sat up holding his head.

" What happened?"

Then Leo seemed to regain his memory of the past events and turned to Kai, " Hi Mr. Kai."

Kai had the nerve to ruffle Leo's hair and smile, Virgo glared at him.

" We should leave, now before-

But before Mr. Boyfriend Stealer could speak they all looked towards the horizon where an army of monsters was, the monsters were heading right towards them, hundreds...

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