Chapter 5 ~The Manwhore and The Bitch literally

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Chrissy's POV:

If you think about it, if all the guys do phase, I'll be surrounded by hottie's! Which is a good and bad thing. Good because I could sneak a peak at their mini them, bad because wolves have a strong sense of smell and I can barely contain my wettness when around them now, they'll smell it! I'm kidding. Maybe.

I sat on my bed looking at the phone number on the little paper. If I call him he'll think I want a hook up. Fuck it I'm just gon... I looked from my phone to the small paper its the same number. I creased my brows, how did he get my number? I held up my phone to my ear before hitting answer.

"Hello?" I asked

"Hey Chrissy? Right this is Chrissy?" Then he mumbled something about kicking someone's ass. I almost laughed.

"Yes who is this?" I asked sweetly

"Really did you not save my number?"

"Oh yeah, I sorta accidently lost the paper Paul" I lied. Man I could be an actress.

"Liar. I bet your looking at my number now debating whether or not you should have called" shit! How the hell did he... Wait he's being sarcastic.

"Yep you caught me, so what's up" I played off. Man I'm smooth!

"Wanna hang?" He asked I hope he said hang and not bang.

"As long as its just Hanging out, and
Not Banging" I said sternly. He sighed.

"Why do all girls think all I want to do is bang?"

"Maybe because you happen to be quite the manwhore."

"Is that a compliment?" He teased I scoffed

"Of course! I gave you a compliment because I didn't want to hurt your big ego."

"Ouch that hurt, so where do ya wanna meet?"

"How about your place?" He chuckled "I can't be seen hanging with you, you know what that would do to my reputation?"

"What reputation is that?"

"Being innocent and boyfriend less" I responded

"Whatever I'll give you the address." He said "See you in a bit"

"Adios Amigo" I replied. Within a few minutes he texted me his address. I saved his number in my phone under Manwhore. Before grabbing a jacket and leaving.

I rode up on my motorcycle to a small house surrounded by the woods. He then came running out of the house.

"Yeah um can we go to the beach instead?" He asked hopeful and cautious.

"Yeah sure, hop on" I said handing him a helmet.

"Really where's yours?" He asked raising an eyebrow with that sexy little smirk. He hopped on and held onto my waist, his hands lightly brushing where my shirt lifted up. This is going to be a long ride to the beach.

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