Afternoons At The Lake

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"I love this," Maya said as Josh had looked at his girlfriend.

He had decided to take Maya to one of his favorite places - the lake. As a child Josh could spend hours and hours at the lake, just watching the water, and slowly taking in the fresh air. Although he didn't know if Maya would like it, he wanted to show her a place where he always went to.

"I'm glad you do. When I was your age I used to come here almost every day. It was a huge pleasure for me when I stepped onto the grass and just laid here, watching as the clouds moved past me. It was something extraordinary actually. Especially when I had a rough day at school," Josh said.

"Everyone says that you're trouble. Farkle and Lucas including. Why do they say that?" Maya asked.

"When I was about 14 up until 17 I got into a lot of fights. And they weren't all good. Sometimes it was other people who pushed me too far. And other times I did the pushing. I wasn't the man who you know today," Josh said.

"What made you become him?" Maya asked.

"Knowing that when the time came my life would have something, or someone..." Josh said kissing the side of Maya's head.

"That would make everything worth it. And it did. My life now has you and I'm so completely grateful for that," Josh said.

"So am I," Maya said.

"How are things with Farkle going?" Josh asked as Maya exhaled at the name of her cousin.

"Not well. He is, as you've probably noticed, still very against our relationship. My father is so happy with everything and as time had gone past, he just became happier. My father..."

"Wants his daughter to be happy. It's how life is supposed to be. Oh before I forget. My father wants you and your family to come over for a barbecue this Saturday. Talk to your dad and find out what he says," Josh said.

"I will," Maya said.

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