The End or The Beginning

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Ryan and Jackie in love, Ryan and Jackie in hate. Ryan and Jackie…. They no longer knew where they stood, for one Ryan was always angry, and Jackie was always sad. They were still together it just didn’t show. They made no physical contact unless they happened to touch each other in their sleep. Ryan would spend all day in the gym or at work, and Jackie would spend most of the day listening to music and going to work. Dan and Mr. Burns were in the middle of them, and tried everything they could with them.

            One night Dan and Mr. Burns talked about their situation while the two were in the room sleeping.

“I just don’t know what to do anymore, I mean they are so different,” Mr. Burns said.

“I know, they don’t walk around and hug and kiss anymore. They just walk in separate ways and make no type of communication between one another, it’s sickening,” Dan said trying to make the fun of the situation.

“Well I have exhausted my ideas, because I’ve sent Ryan to therapy and that doesn’t work anymore. Jackie is just a rock now and presence with no purpose,” Mr. Burns said burying his head in his arms. Then like the flick of a light bulb, Dan got an idea.

“I know what we can do,” Dan said.

“Oh God, here we go,” Mr. Burns whinnied.

“This will seem crazy, but it might work,” Dan said.

            The next morning Jackie and Ryan got up and went to eat. As soon as Ryan was done he went down to the weight room to work out. After about five minutes Dan walked into Jackie’s room and asked her to bring something to Ryan.

“Hey Jackie, can you take this bag down to Ryan?” Dan asked lugging a large black bag into the room.

“Umm that might be a little bit of a problem,” Jackie said.

“Ahh please I have like a few minutes before I leave,” Dan begged.

“Sure,” Jackie said taking the bag and her iPod down with her to take to Ryan, the iPod was on the verge of dying but it was only going to take at least a minute to go downstairs.

“Hey Ryan, Dan asked me to give this to you,” Jackie said holding the bag out, her voice was low and her head was down trying not to look directly at him.

“ side,” Ryan said punching the punching bag. Jackie did as Ryan said and as soon as she turned the door knob it was locked. She tried to yank the door open so as not to disturb Ryan, but she gave up and asked him for help anyway.

“Ryan can you help me out with the door?” Jackie asked politely.

“Sure why not,” Ryan said walking over to the door and pulling at the hinge. “What the hell!” Ryan yelled and punched the door with his entire mite.

“It’s locked,” a voice said from the bag. Jackie walked over to the bag and pulled out a walky-talky.

“What’s going on?”  Jackie asked.

“We are doing an experiment, and if you two pass you can come out,” Mr. Burns said.

“Dad let her out now,” Ryan said snatching the walky-talky from Jackie.

“Young man when you work this out you can leave until then,” Dan said. “Over and out.”

            They both went away from each other, Jackie went to finish listening to her music, and Ryan went to go back to the punching bag. Jackie’s iPod at 20% now had died five minutes after that. Then she went to lie on the mat, and when Ryan was too tired to hit the punching bag anymore he went to plop on the map, but landed on Jackie’s stomach.

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