Chapter Three

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Gracie's POV

All the kids sat in the living room talking with each other till the new little girl arrived. Her name was Penelope and had just discovered her heart disease.

"Hush now," Ms. Rose shush's us as the door is knocked on. She stands quickly opening the door to Alpha Theo. I keep my eyes on Zara in my lap as she looks at a picture book.

"Alpha," she says showing her neck in submission.

"Rose, lovely to see you again," he starts, "this is Penelope." Beside him stood a short girl with thick brown hair and bright green eyes that were glossy and red. She held a small backpack as her hands shook slightly.

"Well Penelope why don't you come in and meet everyone," Ms. Rose says guiding Penelope in.

"I must be on my way," Alpha Theo says, "Grace, don't forget lunch on Sunday," when my name left his mouth I couldn't help but make direct eye contact. His bright blue eyes swirled with so many emotions yet none of them were readable. I nod at him as he shuts the door.

"Gracie! The Alpha likes you!" Violet yelled giggling. I feel my cheeks heat up at her comment.

"No, he doesn't," I tell the small blonde.

"Yea, Gracie is my woman," Zach comments throwing his arm around my shoulder.

"No!" Zara yells hitting his arm off of me.

"Settle down now," Ms. Rose smiles at all of us. Her eyes remaining on mine for a second too long.

"This is Penelope," Ms. Rose stated. The little girl wouldn't catch anyones eyes, but kept hers on the floor, "She will be staying in the room next to Gracie."

"Do you like tag?" Asked Violet. She was too curious a child. She was met with nothing but silence.

"Why don't I show her to her room?" I question standing with Zara on my hip.

"Then we can play tag," Violet smiles and claps her hands.

"Now supper is almost ready, no need for games," Ms. Rose commented walking into the kitchen to finish supper. She was an excellent cook. She even taught me a few things growing up.

I take Penelope's hand and bring her to the stairs. I let go to hold the railing and listen for her steps to follow mine, and they do. I bring her to the once vacant room beside mine, on the left side of the hall, three doors down.

"Here's your room. You can decorate it anyway you want and Alpha Theo will provide money for you to do so," I tell the little girl, opening the door. She walks in and immediately shuts the door behind her. I sigh and walk into my room.

"Zara what are we going to do?" I question sitting on my bed and placing the small toddler down in front of me.

My room was small. It held a twin bed, a small tv,  a bookcase, and a dresser. It was painted a light pink and had white Furniture. My bedding was pink while my pillows were white. It suited me well.

"Gracie!" I heard Hudson's yell as heavy footsteps ran up the stairs. I held my breath, hoping he wouldn't know where I was, but with our senses it was impossible that he didn't know.

He pushed open my bedroom door and threw his hands up, "why did you leave?"

"I just felt like I should come home," I shrug.

"Huddy!" Zara yelled holding her arms out for her second best friend.

"Zara!" He smiled at her, picking her up.

"Zara come with me," Zach says slipping into the room. Hudson sets Zara down as she grabs Zach's hand, "hey Hudson," Zach says walking out of my room.

"Hey, but what we're you talking about earlier?" Hudson asking sitting on the end of my bed. He had to push half of my stuffed animals in the floor to do so.

"Alpha Theo-" I start but Hudson laughs.

"How many times do I have to tell you to call him Theo. You're like his sister," Hudson sighs laying down on my bed.

"It's a respect thing," I tell Hudson. I didn't know why I called him Alpha, but anytime I'm in his presence or his name is said I feel the need to call him by a title, by his title, as Alpha. He deserves the respect since he is my superior.

"Anyway, what did he say to you?" He asks turning on his stomach to face me.

"That man called me his mate, and he didn't deny it," I tell Hudson. His eyes widen and he laughs a little.

"You're not his mate," he tells me sitting up. I look at him in question, "no offense, but Lunas are supposed to be strong and fearless, not foster children," his words sliced right through my heart. How can he say something so mean? Tears pricked my eyes.

As soon as the words no offense left his mouth, I knew he was going to insult me. He's never said anything like this before. Nothing this hurtful. I couldn't help the upbringing I was brought into.

"Get out," I whisper wiping away my tears.

"I didn't mean for it to hurt you," Hudson says trying to pull me into a hug.

I push his arms away from me and point to the door, "get out," he doesn't say anything as guilt flashes through his eyes. He walks out of my bedroom and rushes down the stairs and out of the house.

I lay down under my covers as tears pour out of my eyes. He was supposed to be my best friend. Best friends don't say things to hurt each other. I would never say anything like that.

Though he is right. I'm weak and scared of everything. I don't stick up for myself and I tend to keep my eyes on the ground. I wasn't Luna material, but it sure was nice to believe that I could be for a couple hours.

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