What a great visit to your lab~Tadashi X Reader

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Dedicated to: @MuteHero86 and @frozenfan19

Today you didn't go to SFIT because you needed to finish a project, and you're sure you wouldn't concentrate the 100% in your lab, so decided to stay at your room. It's already 4 P.M and you finally finished it. You start wondering if your boyfriend Tadashi is still in his lab? You thought that it would nice to forget about your project for a moment and visit Tadashi and you did it.


Once you arrive you knocked at his door and a "come in" was heard; you opened the door to be flashed seeing a very studious (A/N: It's that even a word? XD) Tadashi looking very concentrated at his computer and a charging Baymax in the center."Hey, what are you doing?" You said walking to him and sliding your arms from his shoulders and leave them hanging in his chest. "Trying to resolve a little malfunction that Baymax have" He said without taking his eyes from the screen. "And that is?" You said nuzzling your face in his neck. "Instead of saying 'Hello I'm Baymax' he says 'Hello I'm your pain'" He said stroking your arms. "Here, there is the problem" You said taking the mouse form his hand and quickly typed a formula that was wrong. Tadashi removed the ship and gave it to you, you opened the ship port in Baymax and put again the ship. Baymax wake up when Tadashi, slapped your arm. "OW!" You said a little in pain, the slap was a little hard, you glared at Tadashi but he gave you an apologetic look and you rolled your eyes but quickly returned to Baymax who was waddling towards you.

"Hello I'm Baymax, your personal healthcare companion, I was alerted to the need for medical attention when you said 'Ow'" Baymax said his usual words. "In a scale form 1 to 10, how would you rate your pain?" He said showing the little scale with the faces. "2" You said glaring at your boyfriend who now was chuckling. "I will scan you" He said. "Scan complete, you have a slight epidermal abrasion in your forearm, I suggest an anti-bacterial spray" And with that he took your arm and sprayed the spray (A/N: That didn't even make sense), you felt sightly better. "Thanks Baymax, I'm satisfied with my care!" I said smiling and he waddled back to his station. Two strong arms were wrapped around my waist. "Thanks (Y/N)!" You giggled slightly. "Where's Hiro?" You asked, is because Hiro just entered SFIT and by this time he doesn't have a lab so Tadashi, the lovely and kind brother he is, he is sharing his with him. "He went out with the gang to lunch and for a walk, so we have the lab for ourselves for like 2 hours" He whispered in a raspy voice and you turn around; you kissed him passionately. "So, what do you have in mind?" You whispered looking at him. "How about I show my gratitude for helping fixing Baymax?" He smirked as you kiss him again, tangling your fingers in his hair and push him forward deeping the kiss. "I like the idea, but how are you going to do that?" You whispered between the kiss. "Doing this" He said and he pinned you against the wall and kissed you roughly. He slide his tongue inside your cavity and start exploring every inch of it. At this point, your legs were in his waist and being supported by his hands in your butt squeezing it making you moan. He started to unbutton your shirt revealing your (F/C) bra and your slim body (A/N: Because we're flawless!). You slowly start lifting his shirt revealing his super sexy 6-pack and you start to trace your fingers along his lines. You broke the kiss for some air, you both got undressed until you were in just underwear.

You kissed again Tadashi. "Jump" He said and you did so, only to be carried to his desk and laid you there not breaking. Now he broke the kiss and start to kiss your jawline and down your neck until he was in the boobs part. He unclipped your bra and throw it away in a pile of clothes, he massaged your breast enjoying the feeling in his warm hands pleasuring you. Suddenly, Tadashi's lips were sucking and biting into your nipples meanwhile you tangled your fingers in his black hair and tug it. His kisses start going down until your core which was dripping wet. Tadashi removed your underwear with his teeth and he start rubbing his fingers, teasing you. You groaned and pulled him closer, and he licked your clit making you gasp quietly but quickly recovered by his tongue inside you. Then he thrusted 2 fingers into you as well once he was in; we start to pump in and out and he licked your clit again. You were losing control. He kissed you but kept this fingers moving inside you and that drove you insane.

"T-Tadashi! Ahh~ I'm going to cum~" You moaned as he pumped faster until you came in his fingers. He licked all the cum that you gave to him because of his erotic actions on you that sincerely were the most amazing feeling ever. "Sweet" Tadashi said smirking and you blushed. "My turn" You said and tackled him to a sofa they had in there. (A/N: That's not even true, but let's just imagine!! XD) You quickly removed his boxers and his friend popped out making Tadashi blush, you start to stroke him and he was straining the moans and you didn't like it a bit.

You want him moaning your name, begging for more. So you stopped smirking, Tadashi noticed this and looked at you with a confused gesture. "Why did you stop?" He asked panting. "Don't hide your moans, let them out" You whisper and with that you licked the head of his friend to buck his hips but you pressed them down. As you continued to lick the head, you proceeded to go down until you reached his balls. (A/N: I'm blushing right here and having a huge nosebleed as always *ll*) You sucked them making Tadashi to grab with one of his hands your head and with the other one cover his face and of course...moan too in a very sexy way. "Ahh, (Y/N)~" And with that you returned to his friend and just take him all making him gasp and moan. You bobbed your head up and down with a rather fast rhythm which was pushing the genius to the edge of cumming. With the help of the hand that was in your head, Tadashi helped you to suck him better. He threw his head back as you swirled your tongue around him. As he start to feel to cum , he moans louder and you understood and went faster.

"I'm goi-ing-g to-o cum" You of course, you gag a little by his harsh movements but didn't care as long as you were pleasuring him. And with one last bob, he came in your mouth and you swallow it all, tasting him. He laid there catching his breath and you were giggling looking at him, but a smirk appeared in his face. And a blink of eye, he was ontop of you. "Ready?" He asked and you nodded. (A/N: Fuck condoms this time!! I know that Tadashi the protective person he is, he might be putting one but FUCK THAT SHIT and let's just continue with this lemon!) You nodded kissing him and with that he entered in you (A/N: You are not virgin in this one, just to clarify. You already lost it with him, want to know how? Well, comment if you want me to do the lemon ;) making you moan, he start to pump slowly enjoying the feeling of your inside around his friends. "Faster" You whispered, but Tadashi decided to tease you and pretend that he couldn't hear you. "What? I didn't hear you" He said smirking. "Faster" you said, but it wasn't enough for him. "Louder" He said even going slower. 'FASTER!" You screamed. "Your wishes are my commands" And with that he went faster and faster until he was pounding you and the couch squeaking as well your moans and grunts were heard. The movement between both of you were making you moan louder until both of you couldn't anymore and released the juices. Tadashi kissed you and leaned back getting out of you, and all the cum start to come out. You grabbed a Kleenex and clean yourself while Tadashi got dressed and you did too. Both of you laid in the couch, and snuggle feeling each others warm. "I love you" You whisper giving him a peck in the lips, both of you smiled. "Love you too, don't forget that. You are the best thing in this world" And with that you fell asleep in each others arms.. Well that was a great visit to Tadashi's lab.

~~~~ BONUS

Hiro and the gang finally returned, Hiro opened the lab to find both of you sleeping and a smile crept in his face. But was replaced with a confused face as something flashed. He looked behind to see Honey Lemon taking a picture. "Got it" She said smiling, Hiro shake his head playfully and decided to leave you alone closing the door and shushing them to go home.


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