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"I love you too."

"COPY THAT, INITIATING phase three." Dustin spoke into the walkie talkie which Robin and just told them it was time through.

The three were on the roof of the trailer and were busy setting up Eddie's guitar so he would be able to play it.

Dustin connected two of the wires together as Fiona then turned the speaker as loud as it could possibly go. "It's time." Fiona smirked at the Munson boy and nodded her head to the boy.

Eddie smirked at her before turning around and looking up to the sky above. "Chrissy, this one is for you."

Eddie strummed a few chords making Fiona and Dustin yell as they heard how loud it was. The boy started playing 'Master of Puppets' very loudly making Fiona clap for the boy.

"Let's go, Eddie!" Fiona cheered as did Dustin who was busy grinning at the boy.

Eddie nodded his head to the beat of the music as did Dustin. Fiona redirected her gaze to the sky above just to see a swarm of bats coming their way.

"It's working!" Fi yelled over the loud sound of the electric guitar. The thunder surrounding them grew louder causing the three to grin.

The shrieking of bats also grew louder which alarmed Dustin. Looking up to the sky, he saw the bats were growing closer to them. "Eddie! We gotta lock down T-minus 30 seconds!" The boy told him earning a nod from the Munson boy.

The swarm and chattering of bats got even closer and louder which highly concerned Fi. "Pretty sure it's T-minus 20!" The dark-haired girl yelled.

Eddie began doing a riff on his guitar and although it was highly impressive, Fiona didn't even look in his direction and was too busy watching the bats.

"T-minus 10!" Dustin then yelled towards the boy who continued on with his riff. "Come on, Eddie!" Fiona yelled to the boy, trying her best to hype him up.

"Five!" Dustin yelled out and after a few seconds, he yelled once more. "One!" Eddie finished his riff and the sound of the guitar trailed away.

"Come on! Come on!" Fiona yelled as she hopped down onto the ground and into the boarded-up trailer. Eddie and Dustin followed and slammed the door shut behind them.

Eddie began panting as he stood up against the door. "Dude, most metal ever!" Dustin yelled excitedly, despite the fact that the bats were headed straight at the trailer they were hiding in.

"It was so cool!" Fiona yelled making the three jump up and down with wide grins on their faces.

It didn't take long for the excitement to die out and the seriousness to appear. Dustin, Fiona and Eddie, were standing in the middle of Eddie's trailer ready just in case any bat somehow managed to get in.

Thrashing and banging against the trailer were heard very loudly from inside which made Fiona even more nervous.

"They can't get in, right?" Fiona's voice came out shaky as they continued standing in the middle. The banging and slamming stopped which alarmed the three even more.

"Hey, dipshits!" Dustin yelled out to them, "Give up that easy, huh?"

"Shh!" Eddie shushed the boy before turning his head back and looking at him. "Is that really necessary?"

"The answer to that, Dustin, is no." Fiona told the boy as she looked down at him. The sound of clattering made everyone's heads shoot up to face the ceiling above.

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