the long awaited chapter seven

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Chapter Seven

   Mags POV

   *sigh* This would be around the first time that I didn't want to go to school and all. Well, I guess I've gotta ring their doorbell sometime soon, since Lizzi is honking at me from their driveway. Will should have already heard the noise and came out, but I guess both he and his parents are deaf. I was standing on their front porch wearing Option # 1. Sadly.

   Suddenly, something warm brushed up against my legs. It was the cat I saw before. It looked up at me and purred, the vibrations of it going up my leg. My head just froze. A cat. Natural enemy and threat. I looked into it's green eyes and gave it a shaky smile.

     "Good kitty, get away from me... I'll give you a special treat. "

    Then, the cat hissed and jumped through its little gate in the door. The door then opened. Will, shirtless with wet hair, had opened the door. Wow...

To Be Continued...


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