Chapter XIV- Renegade

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My eyes flutter open, and I look over to see Dean's sleeping figure lying next to me. He's lightly snoring, his face stuffed into the pillow and his mouth slight open. I smile, and stretch my arms above my head. I roll off the bed, going into the bathroom to brush my teeth.

"Hey," I hear Dean say, and I turn to look at him standing in the doorway, "I didn't know you have a tattoo, looks nice." He says while pointing towards my left shoulder. He smirks, then gives me a wink. I widen my eyes, turning my back to the mirror to see what he's pointing at. On my shoulder there's black star with an eye in the middle, which looked awfully similar to the pair of yellow ones I'd seen just the day before.

"Dean," I say, looking with horror at the new addition, "I didn't have this before yesterday." I say and his jaw goes slack.

"What?" He rushes over to me, turning my back towards him and pressing both hands on the skin around the tattoo. I look at his face changing in the mirror as he checks it out. "You're saying you didn't have this before you made that deal?"

"No, Dean!" I say, turning again to look at it, beginning to really freak out.

"We'd better call Bobby." He says, turning away.

A few minutes later, Bobby is telling us he's never seen this before, but it sounds like it's definitely an effect from the deal. Bobby forces Dean to get me to speak with him, which I really don't want to do right now. Dean forces the phone into my hands, giving me a wide eyed look.

"Hello?" I answer, wincing at what's about to come.

"Girl, you'd better get your shit together. This is bad, real bad. What were you thinking?" He says, and I sigh.

"Bobby, I know-but I-" I start to say but he cuts me off,

"I don't care about any excuses, you can't keep me worried like this. I'll do some more research, try not to get yourself killed." He says then hangs up.

"Is it bad?" Dean asks, smirking.

"Oh, yeah." I say, throwing myself face-up onto the bed. I put an arm over my eyes, and hear Dean shuffle around for a minute. He playfully lays down on top of me, pressing his back into my chest.

"Get off of me, fatty." I say, trying to push him away.

"I'm good, this is comfortable." He says, stretching his arms out to the side.

"You should lay off the pie," I joke and he flips himself over to glare at me.

"That's not nice," he tickles my side, and I scream.

"No, stop." I plea, and he gets up, tickling my stomach. I squirm away from him, hiding underneath the blankets to keep him away. I peak my head out at him, probably looking like a caterpillar. He rolls onto the bed next to me, wrapping his arms around me and the blankets. This is sort of weird, mostly because he's never shown this side of himself. I always knew he was the party type, I just didn't know he would have a sweet, almost sensitive side as well.

"How pissed is Sam right now?" I ask, listening to his phone ring.

"Most likely angry enough to kill me." He says in a gruff voice, looking at his phone. I wonder if Sam knows where Dean is, which, he probably doesn't. I unwrap myself from the blanket, gluing me and Dean together.

"We should really go," I say, and Dean groans. I pull myself away from him, about to get off the bed when he pulls me back and kisses me. I laugh, turning away from him so that we can get on with our extremely important day.

"Come on, we need to go." I say, pushing his cute face away and walking over to my suitcase.

"You should probably go and tell Sam you're not dead." I call out to him from the bathroom while I fix my hair.

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