One lump of sugar

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"Rose!" I hear my mothers voice booming through the house causing me to hastily pull my jeans on my body.

"I'm coming mom!" I tie my converse on to my feet, grabbing my purse, and speeding down the stairs.

"Finally" my mom huffs "You don't want to be late Mr. Bieber said to be there at 6:00 pm sharp"

"I know I know" I groan following my mom out the door.

"I'm just makin-"

"Mom. Seriously" I snap

"I'm sorry.. God someone's on her period" she says causing me to halt and just stare at her as she walks towards the car swaying her hips.


Exhibit A my mother, the annoying bitch who still thinks she 22 when she's actually 44.

"Honey I'm leaving" My father rushes out of the front door of the house, brief case in his hand, and suit covering his whole body.

"Where to baby" ugh my mothers disgusting.

"The office" My dad completely ignores my mother as she tries to drape her arms around my dads neck. He rushes towards his own car, opening up the door.

"But honey it's 5:50 pm" she whines.

"Well they called me in" he slams his car door and zooms out of the drive way.

Exhibit B My father, the neglecting husband who goes out to "work" at night in other words fucks his 24 year old mistress.

"Get in the car" my mom snaps. I groan and get into the car.

Being stuck in the car with my mom was excruciating but we finally make it to Mr. Bieber and Mrs. Bieber's house. When she pulls into the drive way I instantly get out of the car, I'm halfway to the front door when I hear her obnoxious voice.

"Make sure you tell Justin I said hi" she bites her lip when she says the word hi making me roll my eyes at her.

"He's married mother" I groan.

"What did you just say!" She snaps.

I rush towards the front door out of surprise the door opens as soon as my feet hit the front steps "Rose" Mr. Bieber smiles.

Mr. Bieber is a 33 year old man, that has the body of a Greek god. (Im guessing because I've never seen his body) His lips look like light pink rose petals while his eyes look like pools of caramel. He has a beautifully shaped jaw and strong big hands that I would mind to handle me ruffly.

"Hi Mr. Bieber" I smile back.

"Hello Tanya" Mr. Bieber waves to my slut of a mother.

"Hi Justin" she flutters her eye lashes and waves her fingers at him. I inwardly groan at her, I walk past Mr. Bieber and into his house being greeted with the loud cries of Jonathan Mr. Bieber 5 month old baby. I follow the cries of Jonathan and find him in Katie's arms Mr. Biebers wife.

"Rose sweetheart finally" she sighs handing Jonathan to me "Okay Justin and I will be back at 9:30 or 10:00" Justin comes up behind her wrapping his arms around her and giving her a soft kiss on the cheek.

Exhibit C Justin Drew Bieber, The perfect man, with the perfect family, and the perfect life. Who rubs his affection in front of me with his perfect wife.

I rock Jonathan in my arms following the couple down stairs to the front door "Okay Rose we'll see you later" Katie says, while Mr. Bieber opens the door for her and let's her walk out the door.

He turns around looking at me for a good 30 seconds "Bye Rose" he smiles and then shuts the door. I swoon at the way he smiles at me and chuckles a bit when he closes the door behind him.

Exhibit D Me. Rose Marie Linn a 17 year old high school girl that has a major crush on a 33 year old man

Over all I live a very fucked up life.

Hi! I'm excited to start this new story :) Obviously bye the title of the story there will be a lot of mature content ;) I've been moving out of my comfort zone lately adding more dirty scenes in my stories and I thought I would go all the way with and make it all a story.

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