Traumatizing Love (SFW)

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"I- I like you!" Your crush said blushing, handing you some chocolates and an envelope.

It was probably a love letter.

You looked at him sadly and sighed, "Sorry but, I'm afraid I can't return your feelings." You said coldly, walking past him.

You tried to stop your tears but a single drop betrayed you.

You remembered how someone liking you, traumatized you.

'Date me' he said. The popular guy had just asked you out.

Your eyes only focused on his very convincing loving stare so you didn't notice how his friends were snickering in the background.

He was your first boyfriend so you were blinded by how badly he treated you.

You thought that him swiping through dating apps was normal.

You thought that him flirting with other people was normal.

You thought that him sleeping with others was normal.

You thought that everything about him was normal..  not until the day he broke up with you.

'It was just all part of a bet. Thanks to you and your airhead, I got money from those weirdos.' He laughed.

And now here you are, walking away from an oppurtunity of healing your prespective about love.

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