Rich and Poor (SFW)

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You were rich af (slay) and now, you were preparing for a date with your boyfriend.

Your maids dressed you in an expensive but stylish outfit from your walk-in closet and they made you wear jewelries made out of real gold and diamons.

You texted your driver to wait outside the mansion so that you could go already after you leave the house.

"Mom! I'm going on a date with my boyfriend". You called her through your phone as you were going down your glass elevator.

She was still in the house though but you were too lazy to go to her since the mansion was that big.

"That better not be that poverty-stricken guy that I specifically told you not to date." Your mom said angrily.

"Mom, he's not pOvErtY-sTriCkEn. He's just having bad luck with his business. I'm sure he'll blow up someday." You laughed.

"I swear, you are so-" "Whatever mom byeee" You cut her off as you ended the call when you reached the ground floor.

You got in your limo, told the driver your meeting place and drove off.

You arrived at the park and saw your boyfriend sitting on a bench with his head down.

He was wearing a plain white t-shirt and some ripped jeans, but he was still handsome nonetheless.

A lot of people gasped and took pictures of your limo which made him look at the direction they were all aweing.

He smiled and stood up, brushing his clothes to clean himself up.

You smiled and quickly went out, running to him, giving him a big hug.

He nearly fell because of how you rushed to him but he caught himself and gladly returned the hug, pinching your cheeks.

"Hey, I have something for you." He said as he grabbed something from the bench he was sitting on.

"I just picked these up from the park and made it into some sort of bouquet." He said, handing you a bouquet of random flowers while looking away embarrased.

Your eyes sparkled as you took it from him excitedly, kissing his cheek.

"Oh I love it!! I'm gonna frame this and hang it on my wall so it'll last forever!" You held his hand and dragged him across the park, enjoying your time with him.

You and your boyfriend were in your living room with an aquarium floor and silky, luxurious couches (yep.. those details are absolutely necessary).

Papers were scattered everywhere as he was working on his business.

He was typing away on his laptop as you were feeding him some fruits, giving comments about his work every now and then.

You always tried to help him by offering him money, people to work for him and some equipment that could help with his business, but he would always refuse.

This was the only time when he accepted an offer from you (working in your house).

You were resting your chin on his shoulder, hugging him when he finished working. He closed his laptop, kissed your forehead and hugged you.

"Thank you so much for your support baby.. Even though I have nothing to give you in return. I promise I will someday when my business takes off. When my company opens, I'd have you in my arms, kissing you 'til you're sick of it." He said smiling at you, pinching your cheeks.

"Love, I don't want anything in return. All I need is your love and attention and I'd be the happiest person on Earth." You pinched his cheeks back.

"(your name)! What is the meaning of this?" A feminine voice boomed throughout the living room.

It was your mother.

"Mom! Jeez you scared the hell out of me!" You and your boyfriend both stood up and face her.

"G- good day ma'am! I'm (his name), your daughter/son's boyfriend.  I'm really sorry for the intrusion." He introduced.

"Sweetie, why are your standards so low? When meeting someone for the first time, especially your lover's mother, you'd have to think about looking decent, am I right?" Your mother scoffed, talking to you but she was eyeing your boyfriend from head to toe in a judgemental manner.

"Mom, chill. We didn't even know you were coming her-" You tried to say but your boyfriend cut you off, "I'm really sorry ma'am.. I should've been more considerate about my attire, knowing that I would entering your residence."

"And where are your manners young lad? Cutting off their sentence like that? In this house, we let others finish what they have to say as I sign of respect. I guess that's a quality you lack." Your mom crossed her arms.

"Ah sweetie, I came here to tell you that I set you up on a date with the son of my biggest investor. He's be a great help to my company. He's handsome, smart and certainly doesn't have a failing business. It's scheduled later tonight so make sure you look presentable." Your mom said and then walked away.

You turned to your boyfriend to see him clenching his fist.

"I- I think I should go.. I'm not welcomed here." Your boyfriend muttered, running outside.

You tried to stop him but he was already gone.

His POV:

I admired the tall building in front of me, entrance filled with decorations as it had just opened.

"Congrats on your company sir." An employee of mine congratulated. I thanked them and soon smiled when I saw my adorable daughter running towards me.

"Hey honey! Where's your mom/dad?" I asked, pinching her cheeks. "Right there, papa." She said pointing at something.

I looked to where she was pointing at and smiled when I saw the person I married. That smile quickly faded when I saw the figure walking behind them.

"Hey (his name).. Congrats! Your business finally took off." The voice of the person I once loved spoke. "Thank you.. (your name).."

The night of their set up date was the worst night of my life.

They told me that the date meant nothing to them but I later found out through their mom that they slept with him.

I confronted them and they begged me not to leave but I had already lost my trust in them.

I was in the park, mind spiraling when I first met the person I ended up with. They comforted me and supported me with my business, and I eventually married them.

I later found out that (your name) was drugged by their mom and was forced to sleep with that jerk she set them up with, so that I'd have a reason to break up with them.

We broke up not because we fell out of love, not because of our statuses, but because of the people who forced us apart.

And now here I am, having my daughter and the person I married in my arms, kissing them 'til they're sick of it.

Something I promised to someone a long time ago.

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