A Soft CEO (SFW)

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He stood there shocked as you fell to the ground, clutching your stomach in pain.

The floor quickly pooled with your blood as you felt your eyes go heavy.

"(your name)!! Stay awake! D- don't close your eyes.. Don't leave me."

You heard a voice scream but soon faded as you passed out, contented that you finally did your job correctly.

You woke up to something warm hugging you.

You looked down and saw the CEO you were hired to protect, hugging you gently while softly patting your wound.

You adjusted your head to see his face and saw him with a tear-stained face, sweaty strands of hair sticking to his forehead, closed puffy eyes, a red nose with his mouth partly opened.

Despite this, you still thought he looked very pretty.

He felt you shift and instantly opened his eyes and looked up at you.

You smiled softly at him but he responded with a smack to your arm.

You winced at the sensation and looked at him confused.

"Don't do that ever again! You scared me! I thought you were gonna die!" He cried uncontrollably.

"But I'm your bodyguard and its my job to protect you. You are a very important person and no one will care if I die." You said.

"I care! A-and I'll even hire a bodyguard for you! Just please, don't scare me like that ever again!" He ranted.

You laughed at him while he just kept on wiping his face.

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