Chapter 36: Sadistic smiles

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Hey guys! I loved your comments, and I look forward to hearing what you guys think about this chapter...I really had to think long and hard about all thise scary movies I've watched so, yaaaaa...blame them.


Enjoy!!! lol ;)


Chapter 36: Sadistic smiles

Chapter 36:



Elena's POV:



My heart rate kicked in over drive as I saw Chrissie chained to the concrete wall barely conscious.

"Thomas! What the hell is this?!" I breathed horrified. He smiled at me like he was proud.

"You like? Well, I know how she has treated you so I figure you would enjoy this." He said like he was so happy to see her here. I gave him a questioning look, but then it turned to pure horror, as I saw the devices off to the side. There was a long hand held saw, along with some carving knives and a blow torch. My stomach lurched as I tried to get the images out of my head, on just what he plans to do with them. I shake my head in denial as I piece it together,

"Please, tell me you aren't going to use those on her!?" I was so sick I was getting dizzy. He nods his head like he's a kid in a candy store.


"Well, I'll start...and you'll finish!" He was grinning like a fool, when I collapsed on the ground...not from the drug anymore, that has finally worn off, but just how utterly sick I felt! I wanted to throw up but nothing came out. I look up to see Thomas looking concerned, he crouches down next to me,

"Are you okay darling?" He asked with sincerity. I glared at him,

"How can I be okay when I'm in the room with a psycho who expects me to torture and kill someone!?" I shriek. He shakes his head like you would at a dog who peed on the floor. He tucks some hair behind my ear,

"'ll learn to love it just as I do. I promise...I see so much potential in you." He stood back up and walked over to the faded blue foldable table next to Chrissie, who was more awake now, and looking terrified.

She struggled against the chains that were cutting into her wrists, as tears poured relentlessly down her face. I was crying for one should have to endure this.

Except Thomas.

"Please!!! Let me go!!!" She screamed with so much force I wouldn't be surprised if her throat went raw. I heard Thomas chuckle and then sigh, as I stared at him with disbelief,

"You really are some psychotic bastard aren't you!" I spat. He didn't even flinch but he did frown slightly,

"But this is my favorite part...making them scream. Well, my other favorite part is when they beg to die." He talked about it as though he was discussing the weather. Chrissie sobbed at his explanation.


"Just let her go!" I cry angrily. I've never been this pissed off in my life...or scared. He looks at me for a moment longer and then turns to Chrissie. At first I thought he was actually going to listen but instead he grabs a pair of pliers from the table. I feel my heart drop in my stomach,

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