The Bullied and The Nerd (SFW)

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You had bullies.

Everyday when they see you, they tease you and call you names.

They insult you and make fun of you in front of people.

One day, you went to school, just mentally drained.

With all the homework, your family, and your bullies, you were just so exhausted.

You were walking to the cafeteria when your bullied saw you. They looked at eachother, smirking and got ready with an insult.

They stopped you by blocking your way and you just stood there looking at the ground.

"Ugh what's that smell? Haven't you showered?" The leader said.

"Yeah and look at their hair. Its so messy and all frizzled up." One of them said.

"Their clothes are tacky, their shoes are old, their hands are dirty and their face is ugly." Another one said.

You clenched your fist and tried to hold back your tears.

You looked up at them and smiled sadly. "I- I'm sorry.."

You ran away before they could see you cry.

Before your bullies could chase you, someone stopped them.

It was the school's nerd.

You sat outside, bawling your eyes out when you saw three people kneeling in front of you.

It was your bullies.

"We're sorry (your name). We're sorry for bullying you and calling you names. Please forgive us!" They begged.

You wiped your eyes and asked, "Who told you to apologize? I know you won't apologize to me out of your own free will."

"No one did!" Two of them said.

"He told us not to tell you." One said.

The two glared at them and you sighed.

"Who?" One pointed behind a tree and there you saw the school nerd that you have been crushing on.

He sheepishly grinned at you while scratching the back of his neck.

You blushed and looked away for a bit but shortly returned his grinned while mouthing a 'thank you' to him.

He smiled and then winked at you and then he started walking away.

Your crush just protected you.

You internally squealed and you realized that you had fallen for him even more.

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