Cheating (SFW)

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Another day goes by and your husband was still giving you the cold shoulder.

He's been distant recently and he's been going home very late.

Him cheating was a thought that comes to your mind over and over again.

He came home with his hair messy and his clothes wrinkly.

You sighed as you thought of the worst but you forced a smile as you offered your husband some dinner.

"Hey love, I know work's been tough for you so I made you dinner.

I bet you're really hungry and-" You cut yourself off as he ignored you and went to the bathroom.

You heard the shower running and so you made your way to bedroom to let go of the tears that were threatening to fall.

You laid on the bed, facing the wall, and cried silently.

After a while, you heard the door opening and felt a weight on the other side of the bed.

Big arms wrapped around you as he kissed your temple.

"I'm sorry for being so faraway lately. I promise I'll make it up to you when everything's okay darling. I love you and I'm terribly sorry for making you think that I don't."

His POV:

Work has been stressful.

My boss keeps giving me piles of work with early deadlines.

He keeps demanding, 'I nEeD tHiS As sOoN aS pOsSiBLe, oR yOu'Re FiReD.' Ugh.. I despise him.

I'm not afraid of his threats but I just couldn't afford to lose my job because I needed to take care of my sweety at home, and finding a new job isn't easy.

I've become so angry lately to the point that having a simple conversation with someone made me mad, so I distanced myself from my love so that I wouldn't accidentally take it out on them.

I knew this was so wrong of me but I'm just afraid to hurt them.

I bet they believe I'm cheating. They're just such an overthinker.

I went home from work, being more stressed than ever and my mind was clouded with a lot of negative thoughts.

Everything was inaudible and I just let my body walk on its own.

The noises in my head lessened as the cool water from the shower hit my body.

I walked up to our bedroom and heard a vague sound of sobs coming from it.

I opened the door and sighed knowing I hurt them again.

I slowly laid down next to them and reassured them that our spark may be gone, but my love for them will always remain.

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