The Bond

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As Elise burst through the final door they arrived in the garage.

"What is she doing here?"

"Seena? Felix? I thought I told you guys to leave!" Ella shouts as she rushes over to the SUV they had waiting.

"We couldn't just leave you!" Felix said, "Besides, Walker wouldn't let us leave."

"Walker?" Namjoon questioned

"Detective Walker, but under these circumstances, you can call me Liam," Walker spoke as he walked around the car, finally able to be seen.

"Walker! It's so good to see you!" Jihyun says excitedly as he pulls the man into his arms for a hug.

"You as well chief. Mrs. Kim..."

"Walker," Areum said unemotionally

"Enough chatting. We can do the whole reunion thing once we're all gone!" Seena said quickly from the driver's seat.

"Right, right. Into the SUVs everyone!" Jungkook hurried out.


"They're escaping. What should we do?" Said Alan as they watched the CCTV.

"Let them go," the first witch tapped her lip as she watched. "They'll be back and we'll be ready." She said with a smirk before running her hand through your hair.

"Also, someone fetch me green hair dye. Ara's body is terribly boring." She grimaced

"Right away, ma'am." A random worker said quickly

"I'll be retiring to my room"

Alan watched the first witch exit the room, his mind perplexed.


He slightly shook his head, coming back to reality he found Travis standing in front of him.

"Yes, Dr. Monroe?"

"Oooh. You've decided to call me what you're supposed to?" The male chuckles

"What do you want?" Alan asks as he checks his clipboard and walks towards the monitor to check the previous vitals of their prisoners.

"They got out a bit too easy, don't you think?"

Alan tenses, but quickly releases before Travis can notice.

"You think?" He asks without taking his eyes off of the recordings

"Yeah...I mean, we check every prisoner's pockets. Hell, our pockets get checked every morning so," he chuckles, "I find it odd how their pockets weren't checked. Don't you?"

"The first witch doesn't seem bothered by their escape. So why are you?"

"I'm not.. just curious," Travis replied

"Well stop," Alan says annoyed as he bumps Travis' shoulder and exits the room.

Travis smiles and slowly turns to watch Alan's exit.

"Gotcha..." he whispers to himself


The first witch sits at her vanity and props her chin on her palm.

"Mm...not my type...but you are a decent vessel, Ara. Basic enough looking, but that doesn't matter when you're powerful right?" She chuckles, "Tell me about yourself? What were your hopes? Your dreams?"

She stared at herself for a while before rolling her eyes and sitting back while crossing her arms over her chest.

"Darling, I know you can hear me. Just respond."

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