"She's your daughter Leo accept it"

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“Girlfriend,” he said and I nod.

“I can see that she's the jealous type,” I said and he came and sat down on his desk.

“Are you the jealous type?” he asked and I leaned up and adjust my jacket.

“Let’s get back to business,” I said while dropping the question, he smiled before shaking his head.

“Okay Regina,” he said and I sighed.

I pulled out the flash drive from my pocket and gave it to him. He looked at it before looking at me.

“Put it in,” I said while looking at his laptop.

“Right now, I'm not that type of guy amore,” he smirked and I glared at him.

“Whatever you say, Casanova,” I said and he got up. He picked up the laptop and placed in his password so I couldn't see it.

Rolling my eyes I looked at my nails. Acrylic nails in black mixed with blood red.

After he was done he placed the flash drive in and placed the laptop down on the desk.

“What now?” he asked and I went through the files on the flash drive.

After finding what I was searching for, I clicked on the file. He lends down and placed one hand on the back of my chair and the other on his desk.

The pose is tempting and hot.

I could feel his breath on my neck

“What or who am I looking at or looking for?” he asked as the dozens of face photos came up on the screen.

“You recognize any of them?” I asked as he looked at the faces

“No, why?” he said and I looked at the photos before looking at him.

“Are you sure?” I asked and he turned his face to look at me. Our faces were very close to each other.

And there it is again

The tension between us

“I’m sure love, now who are they?” he said as he stare into my right eyes, then my left and he lowered his eyes to look at my lips.

Why was that so hot?

He's affecting me but there's no way I'm about to show him that.

“You're creeping me out Casanova,” I said and he looked up into my eyes.

He licked his lips before leaning up. “Whatever you say, Regina,” he said

“They are the idiots who crashed my party,” I said and he fold his arms over his large chest.

“I can't seem to understand why you're showing them to me,” he said

“I’m showing you them because they all had your mafia’s mark tattooed on them,” I said

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