Cold but Concerned (SFW)

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You went to work even though you were sick because you didn't want to anger your strict and cold boss.

You were typing something on your computer when you felt your eyes go heavy.

You decided to sleep a little, hoping your boss won't catch you.

You laid on your crossed arms on the desk and quickly passed out.

After a while, your boss was wandering around, checking on his employees when he saw you sleeping in your cubicle.

"(your name)!" He said in a very stern voice. He called out to you again but you weren't responding.

He went over to you and examined your sleeping form. His eyes widened when he saw you with a pale face and dry lips.

He immediately carried you bridal style, (😗) rushing outside the office while ordering his other employees to call 911.

He got impatient, so he just took you to the hospital with his car.

You woke up to a bright light, the smell of a hospital and a faint sound of sniffles.

You looked to your right to see your boss, sitting on a chair, next to you while quickly wiping his eyes.

'Was he crying?' You thought. "What am I doing here?" You asked weakly.

"You got really hot- I mean, you looked really pale so I got worried- I mean, I'm always concerned about the health of my employees. Anyway, you're here because your fever shot up and you are required to stay here until you get better and until I say so." He said with his deep voice.

"But sir I-" You got cut off. "No buts. Your health is my top priority and I don't know what I would do if there was something bad that had happen to you." He said sternly.

You didn't agrue with him anymore and looked away blushing, pretending to sleep.

Little did you know that there was a slight tint of red on his face too.

Days passed and you were finally out of the hospital.

Your boss had been the one taking care of you and making sure you were okay.

He was the one who fed you, even though you could do it yourself.

He was also the one who tucked you in bed, even though you could do it yourself.

He was also the one who helped you in.. changing your clothes.. and.. stuff in the bathroom.. even though you could do it yourself.

He even brought a table in your ward and worked there.

He did a better job in taking care you than the nurses could ever.

"S-sir I don't think this is necessary. I'm all better now." You sighed as you were sitting on a wheel chair with him pushing you.

"Oh but this is absolutely necessary. You are still recovering and I'm not taking any chances." He sternly said, walking to his car.

He opened the door and you stood up, trying to get in yourself, but you were immediately lifted up bridal style and sat you on his car.

"I thought I told you to do the things I say. Now, just relax my dear and behave." He spoke sternly while buckling your seatbelt.

He said he was concerned about all his employees, but it looks like you were very special.

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