Opposites are Attracted to You (SFW)

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Part 1

You were known for your mother-like personality at school.

You always made sure that everyone was comfortable, no one was left out, everyone was healthy, everyone was reassured, you know, mom stuff.

A lot of people liked you for your personality, including the popular volleyball captain of the school, and a very shy boy in your class.

One day, the captain and his team were walking by your classroom when one of his teammates saw you on the floor, comforting a crying guy (the classroom was empty so its just the two of you).

The guy had his face buried in your chest, hugging you while you patted his back and scratched his head gently, as a way of comforting him.

The guy was your classmate and he was a shy and introverted person.

He was bullied often so he always came to you for comfort.

"Hey dude, isn't that your crush?" The teammate said.

The captain then whipped his head towards the direction his teammate was pointing at, and that's where he saw you, kissing the guy's cheek.


Part 2

Jealousy bubbled up inside him as he stormed in the classroom.

You and the guy both looked up at him and saw him glaring at guy.

The poor guy got scared so he climbed onto your lap, hugged you tighter and buried his face into your neck.

You blinked at the captain. "Hey! What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be at practice?" You nagged (you know eachother okay).

"I was getting a snack mOm." He teased.

"Okay. That's good that you're eating. Now go to practice! I'm still taking care of this baby right here." You laughed while looking at the guy in your arms.

'Baby?! I'm supposed to be your baby!' The captain thought. He grumbled and left the room angrily.

Once he left the room, his teammates laughed.

"Aww guess you're not their bABy anymore." One snickered.

"You should ask them out already dude, before Mr. Steal-your-crush does." Another one said.

"Don't bully the dude though. Poor guy's been through enough with those ugly jerks". Another one said.

"Yeah yeah I won't. I'll make them mine fair and square." The captain said.


Part 3

You watched the captain leave the room angrily and sighed.

"He's gone now hon. Don't be scared, I've got you. I can also assure you that he wouldn't hurt a fly." You told the shy guy.

He looked at you with puppy eyes and gave you a wobbly smile.

"Th- thank you so much (your name). You always make me feel better." He said, barely audible.

"Why won't you just tell the teachers about this?" You sighed.

"They said they'll bully me even more if I do." He squeaked. But this wasn't true. The truth was that he was threatened that his bullies would hurt you if he told anyone about it.

He didn't want to involve you in his problems and he certainly didn't want you to get hurt.

The bell rang, indicating the next class. He quickly jumped off your lap, said his thanks, and ran off. You stood up after a while and went to your next class.

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