Feminine Scream (SFW)

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Your husband was watching a scary movie in the living room.

You wanted to scare him to see his reaction.

You tiptoed behind the couch and shook his shoulders while screaming at the same time.

He let out a rather, feminine scream.

You stared at eachother for a while in silence.

The silence was broken when you snickered, "Pfftt what was that?" He looked away blushing.

"I- I was.. imitating the scream from the movie!" He said, thinking that that was the best excuse ever.

You laughed and walked towards him. "Yeaaahh surreee. You know, you don't need to be embarassed hon. I like it when you scream like that." You said smirking while patting his chest.

He widened his eyes and looked away blushing even more.

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