I'm No Damsel in Distress (SFW)

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You were walking home alone at night when you felt like someone was following you.

Your thoughts were proven correct when a creepy old man walked beside you and snaked an arm around your waist.

"Where are you going at this hour? Hot people like you shouldn't be out here ya know?" He said with his stinky alcohol breath.

You rolled your eyes at him since it wasn't the first time you had creepy people approach you.

You were just that attractive.

You repeatedly removed his hands off your body but he just wouldn't stop bugging you.

"Ugh, I was supposed to be kind today." You grumbled to yourself.

"Hey-" A voice was cut off when you pinned the old man to ground, took out a gun from your bag, and shot him in the head.

You sighed as you stood up.

You looked behind you and saw a guy holding a metal rod in his hand with widened eyes.

'Was he gonna defend me? Oops I shocked him.' You questioned in your head.

You smirked at him, "You know, metal rods won't stop people like him. You just gotta, take their breath away. Literally." You chuckled.

You approached him, patted his shoulder and smiled, "Thank you for trying to help though. I really appreciate it. It's the first time someone actually tried to do something. People will usually just look."

You walked away and looked back, "See you around stranger." You smiled at him one last time and waved goodbye.

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