Artists (SFW)

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You are an artist.

You had no inspiration to draw anything so you went outside and tried to find it.

You brought a sketchpad and a pencil with you just in case there was something that caught your eye.

You didn't even bother to change your clothes when you went outside; you were just in your sweatpants and oversized t-shirt.

You found yourself in a park, sitting down on a bench, while looking at all the people wandering around.

Kids were running, pets were playing with their owners, and peole were chattering. These brought a smile to your face.

Across the park, you saw a guy, sitting under a tree, drawing something on a piece of paper.

'Maybe he's an artist too.' You thought.

You decided to draw him and the scene since you thought it looked really nice.

Halfway into the sketch, he stood up and walked away from the tree. 'Darn it, I wasn't finished.'

As you were looking into your unfinished drawing, you felt a person's presence in front of you.

And there he was, the guy that you were sketching.

You looked up at him and smiled awkwardly. "H-hi!" You stuttered.

He looked down at your sketchbook and you quickly flipped it to the next page.

He chuckled and took a neatly folded paper out of his pocket.

He then placed it on your lap and walked away without saying a word.

You stared at his disappearing figure and opened the paper.

There you saw a sketch of you sitting on the bench, with very messy hair, smiling, a phone number written on the corner of paper, and a cursive written phrase: 'you're beautiful'

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