Academic Rivals (SFW)

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You arrived school with puffy eyes since the previous night, you were balling your eyes out because of how your family pressured you into getting better grades, even though you were a top student.

You sat down on your desk, next to your seatmate, who was also your academic rival.

You'd always have competitions with eachother; who would get the higher mark on a test, who would have more correct answers in recitation, and even just who would get to class earlier.

He was talking to his friends when he said, "Its so early in the morning and I'm already winning. How does it feel to be l-a-t-e?"

He turned around to see you with your head, laying on your crossed arms on the desk, looking away from him.

He silently made his way around your desk to look at you.

He widened his eyes when he saw you with puffy eyes and a tear-stained face with a sad expression.

"Hey, what happened?" He asked softly, squatting down to have a better look at you.

You buried your face into your arms as a response but he gently lifted your head up and made you look at him.

He caressed your face with his thumbs and he kissed you forehead.

His actions were enough to make you breakdown and so you hugged him very tight and buried your face into his chest and cried.

He returned the hug, rubbing your back while stroking your hair.

He whispered sweet nothings into your ear until you calmed down.

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