Dog Lovers (SFW)

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You were walking your dog at the park when a frisbee landed in front of you.

You were looking around for the owner until you saw a guy your age and his dog running towards you.

He kinda looked like a zombie when running but you didn't mind it.

He stopped in front of you but his dog had other plans.

The dog jumped on top of you and started licking your face.

You were startled at the sudden weight on you making you fall to the ground but then giggled.

"Hey hey buddy, stop licking their pretty face!" The guy whisper-yelled at his dog as he pulled it away from you.

He offered his hand to help you up.

"S-sorry about that. He usually doesn't misbehave like that." He shyly said, looking away while scratching the back of his neck.

You found his shy personality very cute but that thought was supposed to be kept in your head.

You didn't notice that you actually said it out loud.

"H-huh? Cute? O-oh yeah! Willy here gets that a lot! I bet that you get that a lot too!" He shyly smiled but soon faded once he realized what he said.

He turned into a tomato and stuttered.

"O-oh! I almost forgot! I have c-classes to go to! See you pretty stranger!" He ran away with his dog and you saw him facepalm.

"Wait! You forgot your fris- bee.." you shouted.

You picked the frisbee up chuckling, feeling that this won't be the last time that you'll meet.

His POV:

Ugh I lost the frisbee again.

I looked all over for it until I saw it in the in front of someone.

Wow.. they are so pretty.

I ran to them so that I'd look cool. I saw they had a dog too.

The dog was cute but the stranger was certainly cuter.

I stopped in front of them but Willy pounced on them.

I thought the pretty stranger would be mad but they actually giggled.

Holy moly they're so cute.

I realized that I needed to get Willy off of them so I did. I helped them up and apologized.

I heard them mumble "cute" while I was talking. I freaked out because I thought they were talking about me but then I realized that they must've been talking about my dog, Willy.

I told them how he gets that compliment a lot and said that they must get that a lot too. Realizing what I said, I was embarassed. They might think I'm a creep now.

I hurriedly made up an excuse to leave but my tongue betrayed me and spoke what was only supposed to be kept in my mind.

"See you pretty stranger." I facepalmed and scolded myself for being the cringiest person on earth.

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