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"You got this, big boy. I believe in you."

EDDIE SLAMMED DOWN a magazine and kept it open on a certain page as the rest of the group crowded around him. "Check this out. The War Zone."

"I've been there once." Eddie informed the test of the group as he tapped his finger on the magazine. "Why have you been there?" Fiona questioned the boy with furrowed brows, the boy's eyes now turning to the girl.

"Doesn't matter." The Munson boy blew raspberries from his mouth and waved his hand dismissing the girl's question. "They got everything you need for, uh, well, killing things, basically."

"You think fake Rambo has enough guns there?" Robin asked as she pointed her finger at something on the piece of paper, "Is that a grenade? I mean, how is any of this legal?"

"Well, lucky for us it is, so...This...This place is just far enough outside of Hawkins. As long as we steer clear of main roads, we ought to be able to avoid cops and, uh, angry hicks." Eddie slightly mumbled the last part making Erica roll her eyes at the boy.

"If we're trying to avoid angry hicks, maybe we shouldn't go to some store called the War Zone." Erica sassed towards the boy making Fi slightly nod her head.

"I mean, you're right, but, we kinda need those weapons and that's, like, the only idea right now." Fiona shrugged slightly, as she looked over to the Sinclair girl. Everyone nodded their heads in agreement with the girl besides Dustin who was still not sure about the so-called plan.

"Yeah, but is it worth the time? It'll take all day to bike there and back." Dustin reminded, Eddie's head quickly turning to the boy. "Who said anything about bikes?"

"What, you've got some sort of car?" Fiona asked with a chuckle before immediately dropping her small grin as she saw his face.

"It's not exactly a car. And it's not exactly mine." Eddie stood up straight and turned to face Max who was standing away from the gathered around group.

"Hey, Red, uh, you got a ski mask or bandanna, something like that?" The boy asked hopefully and in return, the girl nodded.

Fiona was trying desperately to hold back her laughter although it was hard when Eddie was sneaking around the trailer park wearing a Michael Myers mask.

The group were hidden behind a trailer, and Eddie directed the group to follow him making them all follow after the boy who headed in the direction of someone's trailer.

"This is so fucking funny." Fiona chuckled as she watched the boy lead the way, careful not to speak loud as there were people outside the trailer they were sneaking to.

Eddie moved towards a window and managed to get it open before throwing himself through it, the whole group quickly following behind.

"That was suffocating." Eddie told them, taking off the mask and making Fi chuckle once again. "It was hilarious."

"Of course, you found it funny." Eddie told the girl with a slight smirk making her scoff. "What's the supposed to mean?"

"Nothing, nothing at all." The boy put his hands up in surrender before heading toward the front of the trailer and locking the door meaning that the people outside won't be able to get back in.

Fiona watched as the Munson boy quickly grabbed things out of his back and began hot wiring the trailer/house/car. "Are you seriously hot wiring this shit?" Fiona asked with a small smirk on her as Steve joined the two at the front of the vehicle.

"Where'd you learn how to do that?" Steve asked with clear curiosity in his voice. "Well, when the other dads were teaching their kids how to fish or play ball, my old man was teaching me how to hot wire."

"I could make a joke right now, but I'm not going to." Fiona slightly laughed as she patted the back of Steve's back. "How generous of you." The Harrington boy sarcastically responded.

"I swore to myself I wouldn't wind up like he did, but now I'm wanted for murder, and soon, granted for auto theft." The boy slightly chuckled with a small grin as he began finishing off the hot wiring. "So, uh, I'm really living up to that Munson name."

Robbin appeared behind both Steve and Fiona, making Fi slightly jump as she placed her hands on the girl's shoulders. "Eddie, I'm not sure I love the idea of you driving."

"I could do it." Fiona raised her hand with a smile making Steve's eyes go wide. "Yeah, no."

"Oh, don't worry, I'm just starting this sucker. Harrington's got her." Eddie reassured the girl before sending a big grin to Steve. "Don't ya, big boy?"

"Big boy?" Fi questioned with a small as the engine then turned on as did the radio. Yelling was heard from outside the door making Fi chuckle at Steve's face who looked terrified.

"You got this, big boy. I believe in you." Fiona patted his shoulder as faces appeared from outside the window.


"They locked the door!"

Eddie scrambled out of the seat, as Fiona yelled at Steve. "Time to go, big boy!"

"Will you stop calling me that, it's weird!" Steve yelled back to Fi who quickly made her way to the back of the trailer and sat down beside Eddie.

"Everyone grab onto something!" Steve instructed the group making Eddie and Fiona grab a hold of each other's hands and holding onto the table.

"Oh my God!"

"Let's go!"

"Go, go, go!"

The group yelled at Steve in panic making the boy stomp his foot on the pedal causing the trailer to drive forward.

"This is so fun!" Fiona yelled with a wide grin and a laugh making Eddie turn to face the girl also with a grin. "Fuck yeah, baby!"

"Shit, they look pissed." Dustin told the group as he looked out the back window to see the owners with pissed-off faces.

"It's not every day you lose your house and car in one fell swoop." Robin reminded the boy.

"Hold on, hold on!" Steve yelled at the group as he sharply turned the trailer making everyone fall. Fiona fell slightly into Eddie's chest making the boy grab her waist to prevent her from falling to the ground.

They soon escaped the place where they had stolen the vehicle from causing the group to cheer in success.

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